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Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 Canadian and American Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993.

Tim Ingram

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Hitler's Bush Family: From Auschwitz to JFK, 911 and You

Chapter 1: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, US Governmental Affairs (
Chapter 2: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, Canadian Governmental Affairs
Chapter 3: Fundamental Lifesaving Error in Rescue Safety of Canoes and Kayaks, No Level Flotation Standard: Responsible for Thousands of Deaths Since 1978
 Chapter 4. Recognition by All Major Authors of The Simple Facts of Human Life Saving and Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 5: Criminal Fraud in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 6: Blaming Victims for Their Own Deaths Through Degrading Propaganda
Chapter 7: The Milgram Studies and Criminal Rescue Safety
Chapter 8: Legal Developments in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 9: Ongoing Reckless Endangerment and Death in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. The Intent.
Appendix: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. Canada:
Appendix2: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. America:

Supplementary OPP Appendix:

Appendix: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. America:

RCMP Zaccardelli File

New Book:
The Minnesota Canoe Murders

May 1, 2006

Col. David M. Rohrer, Chief of Police
4100 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
phone: 703-246-2195

Dear Colonel Rohrer:

Re: Continuing Canoe and Kayak Murders, Fraud: Pamela Dillon, Executive Director, American Canoe Association, Suite B-232, 7432 Alban Station Blvd., Springfield, VA 22150, phone: 703-451-0141

I phoned your office about 3 months ago with this link, and since then 2 boys have died in a Richmond reservoir near you, February 26, 2006. This is the exact anniversary of the 2 boys from Darlington School Feb. 26, 2005, wearing PFDs in warmer water. These victims (98 dead in 2004 according to US Coast Guard), die quickly any time of the year if they can't get out of the water immediately, like any 10 year old girls with $25 CO2 sponsons, and no instruction or experience. I shall Fax this to you today.

Dillon, Sandford and Black at the American Canoe Association  have denied any means for these victims to get out of the water for 5 years, over 500 American deaths. They do this for money and the pleasure of murdering innocent citizens, to whom they feel superior like any sadistic serial killers. This is a shell-game fraud that an ACA member, Cliff Jacobson in the recent 2005 book "Expedition Canoeing" states: "The canoe-over-canoe rescue touted by the Red Cross and Boy Scouts is generally impossible to perform in a running sea. Far better to forget about the swamped canoe and gear and put your efforts into rescuing the paddlers" (p.202.) Of course trying to get victims out of the water without airbag sponson stability only capsizes more canoes, killing the rescuers.

The deliberate murder of nearly 1200 American citizens and many children is well documented in ACA statements on the US Coast Guard website and the ACA letter from the Attorney General of Florida (where most deaths occur, all year round.)

You know Col. Rohrer that a PFD will not magically get these children out of the deadly waters. Most authors write that another canoe getting them out does not work. A helicopter or powerboat magically arriving just in time is not a means to prevent these agonizing deaths since they are usually too late. Why not allow these victims to get out of the water themselves, like 10 year old girls without any experience. Why allow a shell-game fraud to murder 1200 Americans, including about 200 children, for profit? Stop these murders that use Degrading Propaganda to blame these victims for their own deaths, holding their lives as worthless and degrading their loved ones, as well as their legal rights. This is the largest murder scam in American History. And it is obvious.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
Canada, phone 705-549-3722

Col. David M. Rohrer, Chief of Police
4100 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
phone: 703-246-2195

Dear Colonel Rohrer:

Re: Wanton, Wilful and Reckless Disregard for Human Life, Pamela Dillon, Executive Director, American Canoe Association, Suite B-232, 7432 Alban Station Blvd., Springfield, VA 22150, phone: 703-451-0141

It is my unpleasant duty to inform you that ACA Pamel Dillon has directly murdered at least 300 American citizens in canoes and kayaks, in the most cruel and agonizing fashion. Approximately 50 of these tortured victims are American children. I was born in Bellefonte, PA. I was a scoutmaster and YMCA camp counsellor. I regard Canadian and American lives as equally valuable. After all, if no-one protects citizens of either country, we don't have a lawful society, nor a civilization, nor a future.

I can tell you that the US Coast Guard Investigative Services have commended me for my thorough research, and have referred me to the USCG JAG office. USCG JAG refers me to Investigations Office for the Inspector General, Homeland Security. And after some very considerate phone calls back and forth with the Office of the Attorney General for Virginia, as well as helpful persons within Homeland Security, this horrible murder scandal comes to rest with your office.

Over the years I have found that the United States has better constitutional protection for its' citizens than Canada, where the same rights (in The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) are often violated by government officials. But in the United States, this week, last week, or next week the American Canoe Association will have denied some child or adult citizen the means to escape cold water, and will die in pain and terror, thinking of loved ones they will never see again.

The US Coast Guard has known about this problem since 1994, when 2 boys and 2 girls, 16 year old students at a school died in the UK, since they could not stay out of they water because the kayaks continued to re-capsize. One kayak guide was convicted of manslaughter in this tragedy that held the focus of the British Press for weeks: "The Lyme Bay Scandal". A famous kayaking author, Derek Hutchinson, a friend of mine, contacted a friend of his, Captain D.C.S. Thompson, principal marine surveyor for the MSA (Coast Guard in the UK). I spoke with officials in the USCG and Canadian CG (Rouncevelle and Sandiford, respectively). All three parties, including Captain Thompson declared their intent to prevent these tragedies. Canada has by far the highest death rate for canoes and kayaks, over 3 times the US death rate.

But nothing was done, as you can read in this book; since the American Canoe Association simply stated that they had many "safe" rescues, so $25 airbags were not needed. This of course is a lie, to profit from fraudulent instruction dollars, the mainstay of the ACA, and the entire canoe and kayak industry. Their own ACA instructors in their Hall of Fame, like Cliff Jacobson, admit that their rescues don't work!

As with any fraud, like Enron, you just follow the money trail. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission, CPSC in Washington D.C. told me in 2001 that if canoes and kayaks were "consumer" goods under their mandate, there would have been canoe and kayak airbags (called "sponsons") years ago. Several CPSC lawyers phoned me here, north of Toronto in the Spring of 2001, to encourage me to fight for these lives, no matter how frustrating.

Dillon and the ACA have murdered at least 90 Americans a year, every year. The ACA uses Degrading Propaganda to blame the victims for their own deaths and perpetuate the Murder Scam. This action, that is documented on the US Coast Guard website, and in thousands of pages in thousands of books and other documents, is even contradicted by an author in the ACA Hall of Fame, Cliff Jacobson:

" The famous Canadian canoeist Bill Mason reversed his traditional rescue ideas after the Temiskaming tragedy, stating that these rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). A conclusion C.E.S. Franks reached before Temiskaming, in The Canoe and White Water, University of Toronto Press, 1977, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy." The recent 2005 book "Expedition Canoeing" states: "The canoe-over-canoe rescue touted by the Red Cross and Boy Scouts is generally impossible to perform in a running sea. Far better to forget about the swamped canoe and gear and put your efforts into rescuing the paddlers" (p.202, Cliff Jacobson of the American Canoe Association's Hall of Fame.) However, in Deep Waters, James Raffan notes that Jacobson's idea merely capsized more canoes, killing 12 boys and one leader, Ontario's Lake Temiskaming, 1978. Also:  "But on the second fateful night of the camp, July 22, about 7:30 in the evening, Shea-Butcher, another leader, and thirteen boys loaded the big canoe and headed out into Balsam Lake... Somewhere in the middle of the lake, about two miles from shore... the canoe upset. Whether this was from a sudden gust of wind on an otherwise calm summer any case the big canoe upset. It had no air tanks, sponsons, or flotation chambers..." ("Deep Waters", p.108). This book and others recognize that without sponsons victims cannot get out of the water and succumb to hypothermia. Eleven died in those calm, warmer July waters, about one hour's drive from the outskirts of Toronto."

These victims are deliberately denied any means to escape the water, so canoe and kayak instructors can make money selling expensive, time-consuming and deadly instruction. The Canadian and American canoe and kayak industry makes MUCH more money from fraudulent instruction than sales of canoes and kayaks. They torture citizens to death in cold water for profit. They leave them to die in the water, denying them $25 CO2 airbags.

N.B. The airbag sponsons are normally set like the lower one in the pictures, so leaning on one will spill most of the water out. These pictures demonstrate total flooding, a worst case scenario that still allows these young girls without previous experience or instruction to immediately rescue others, even large disabled adults who only have to crawl over a submerged gunwale. And then the girls paddle them to shore at 2 knots!

Any 10 Year Old Girls, Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor. Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one); and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy.

A "Super-race" of canoeists and kayakers is supposed to exist, far superior to the victims, but in fact the super-race cannot
rescue themselves or anyone else from the water using a capsized flooded canoe, unlike the 10 year old girls. To become a
member of the "super-race", much expensive instruction must be purchased by the public; although it cannot save the purchaser in the water, no matter how "expert", or thousands of dollars spent, or years of practice. It is impossible to degrade these dead victims unless a "super-race" is fabricated, to whom the victims are "inferior". The super-race need not be an ethnic or racial entity, merely a group that is "superior" so the victims did not "measure up" and died due to their own failings. Until the level of degradation is significant, most people find it unpleasant and difficult to kill these otherwise completely innocent victims, of all
ages and cultural groups. Also, society will not tolerate the killings until government propaganda has sufficiently degraded the victims so that their deaths, no matter how cruel and agonizing, no matter that they are the children of someone in Canada, are accepted. The victims are to blame when they are sufficiently degraded.

The horror of the families is obvious. This mother of one of the dead Girl Guides above, is very articulate in person. (Please do not contact her. The knowledge that their own government has sacrificed their child is too much for many persons to bear.)  The typing below was very hard for her. She was "being played" on a canoe and kayak internet forum, a "usenet" group that caters to some sick criminals, as well as to some ignorant posters who insist that these deaths are not preventable, unlike the US Military Special Forces Study immediately below.

"Hello, I am a mother who lost her child to hypothermia May 31/2003 and you and everyone else who thinks that canoeing is safe is crazy your telling me that a life jacket and rope is enough bull my 11 year old died because they could not get back into the canoe after capsizing in Lake Huron how can you close the door on these safety sponsons when they really work. Why should they not be on every canoe that camps or organizations take our children out in as safety feature kids that have no idea how to get back in, or even the strength to do it. I am a boater myself and as a adult in a bad situation could not get back into a everturned canoe.I am fine with adults making the decision to go out but to play god with lives is crazy when these safety devices can save lives...but realisticly sponsons work, unfortunately it will take the lives of many more before something is done to regulate whos going in these canoes and what safety devices should be used when it comes to children, the canoe and kayak association as well as the government knows that these water crafts are dangerous for adults never mind sending our kids out in them up antil my daughters accident i had no idea how unsafe they were and how little safety precautions are taken not enough in my opinion.I love the water and still do but do we as parents know how unsafe it is out there people must be informed about this.I dare everyone to try to get 3 people back into a canoe adults not even children and then you will know what kind of a chance a child has... but don't agree that some of the stuff he says isnt true do some cheaking of your own about all the dealths that could have been stopped by another safety device being installed whether his or maybe the government should take the time to invent something on there own. Thank-You for reading my post Shelley Mitchell"

"Dear Commissioner Boniface: you are perhaps wondering why Transport Canada does not permit these lifesaving airbags that anyone can use, without previous experience or instruction, like any 10 year old girls in the pictures here, to save their lives and rescue others. In fact Transport Canada covered up the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Study, August 1994, and punished the whistleblower. (Over 350 Canadian deaths ago, or 160 deaths ago in Ontario alone.) This study was similar to the US Military Study:

"basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat...During the IMKP 1994 we used Sea Wings with all our rescue boats as back-up flotation/stability for awashed kayaks needing assistance pumping out in heavy seas. In addition, IMKP's rescue kayak was fitted with Sea Wings on a permanent basis which allowed us to be far more stable in possible rescue operations...Sea Wings dramatically increase re-entry operations with capsized boats. Indeed, even with heavily loaded boats (those approaching 1000 lbs.) most paddlers can easily re-enter the kayak. However the most notable advantage of Sea Wings is with lightly loaded boats; ie, those kayaks which are far less stable (more tippy) than fully loaded boats. Recovery operations are far more difficult in these boats and most students have extreme difficulty in mastering the necessary techniques. This is compounded in heavy seas. Sea Wings offers an almost guaranteed method of re-entering a lightly loaded kayak even in heavy seas. Stability increase in heavy seas. Paddling in extremely heavy seas is difficult. Sea Wings offer the crews an additional method of dealing with such sea states. One of the most dangerous situations a detachment can find itself in is that of towing a disabled crew with full operational loads in heavy seas at night. The employment of Sea Wings dramatically increases the safety margin. In my opinion, this is one of the sponsons' most important contributions to MAROPS... As an historical footnote it should be noted that circumpolar kayakers (Greenlanders and Inuit) employed a similar sponson/ float for stability. It differed significantly though from Sea Wings in that it was free floating; i.e., there was apparently no harness system and stability came from pushing down on the float on the side of the kayak. In addition, during the late 70's and early 80's we employed a similar system with our commo boats. Waterproof bags were blown up and hand held to the sides of the kayak while communication was conducted. The point here is that the idea of some sort of support on the sides of the kayak for stability is very old and universal." (Spring 1994, 10th Airborne, Special Forces, Fort Devens, MA)

I was one of 2 Canadian civilians invited to this meeting of military kayaking teams from 12 NATO countries."

Colonel Rohrer, sir, this is the largest for-profit murder scandal in the history of the United States of America!

Colonel Rohrer, we are approaching the 1st anniversary of the cruel murders of two 14 year old boys in Florida waters, that are "warmer" than any other waters in North America. But even 70 degree waters will kill quickly. And waters that are 70 degrees at noon quickly drop without intense sunlight and with wave/current effects. The rate of body heat loss is 25 times the loss rate in air, in perfectly calm swimming pool water. They must have a fail-safe and fool-proof means to escape the water; $25 CO2 airbags. Or any kind of airbag or buoyant foam etc., deployed on the beams ends of canoes and kayaks in emergencies so victims can get out and stay out of the deadly water!

See the email to the school April 16, 2005 where the survivors are scarred for life:

Attention Darlington School:

Your recent tragedy will echo in Canada and the US for about 90 + 25 = 115 deaths in 2005. Read below. It is deliberate criminal action by the ACA that has prevented canoes and kayaks from having foolproof self-rescuing capability (CO2 Sponsons).

Feel free to contact me and remember that you are not alone. See the pictures of the dead Canadian Girl Guides, and try to prevent these tragedies in the future. Note the US Military Special Forces study below, 1994. Over 1000 dead Americans in canoes and kayaks since, about 200 being children!


Dear President Bush, and :

RE: The Cruel Murders of Clay McKemie (15) and Sean Wilkinson (14) in Canoe near Suwannee, Florida on February 26, 2005, by the American Canoe Association

In a canoe without $25 CO2 airbags, like airbags in cars, people can't get out of the water and they will die. The body heat loss rate in water is 25 times the rate in air. Automatically inflating CO2 airbags have been available for canoes and kayaks for over 5 years (nearly 500 US deaths in this time). They are even mentioned on the US Coast Guard website if you know where to look, back in 2002, NBSAC minutes.

The American Canoe Association continues to MURDER AMERICANS with deadly instruction that no judge or jury can perform to get out of the water in a swimming pool. (RICHMOND FBI have many documents recording hundreds of murders by this Virginia-based lobby group.) Two freshmen students in kayaks were killed near Cape Cod recently. These children died in terror, realizing that they could not escape the water, and fearing that they would never see their families again. We know this because the survivors who are rescued in time tell us these thoughts. These are very cruel as well as needless deaths.

Expensive drysuits or wetsuits are not a solution because they will still die eventually, their hands losing muscle control very quickly due to hypothermia effects, and preventing any manipulations like holding onto a capsized canoe or kayak. Also wetsuits and drysuits are very uncomfortable in 70 F. degree air, or even lower temperatures. Paddling in these expensive and hot immersion suits has caused heatstroke. You must get people out of the water or they die!

Any canoe or kayak becomes a life raft in 5 seconds by pulling a cord attached to a CO2 gas inflator. A canoe or kayak with CO2 airbags can immediately rescue multiple victims. (Who simply slide in, like a life raft boarding platform, from the water), and then paddle to shore fully flooded. The canoe can be quickly emptied by simply leaning on an Airbag Sponson, but it is easily paddled fully flooded by 7 year old children. Otherwise these airbags are inside tiny, unobtrusive, 1 lb.  protective containers, on each side. Factory installed in a minute by a stainless steel bolt, $25 each. Who could be against this?

See the children paddling the fully flooded CO2 airbag canoe:

The American Canoe Association makes canoes and kayaks as deadly as possible to drive fearful victims to buy their expensive and fraudulent instruction that no judge or jury can perform in a swimming pool. They want the most deadly and difficult canoes and kayaks possible!


The USCG gives in to The American Canoe Association and kids die, about 90 victims total, in the US annually. (USCG statistics.)

I have the letter from the American Canoe Association to the Attorney General of Florida, June 29, 2001, documenting this criminal and deadly scam. The USCG actually has a report mentioning CO2 sponsons (airbags). I can also FAX to you the US military kayakers' study 1994. (10th Airbourne Special Forces, Fort Devens, Massachusetts.)

Individual trip leaders have been denied CO2 airbags when taking kids on trips for years. It is not their fault! Most of them would want CO2 airbags for their kids. This canoe and kayak industry scam has the most deadly death rate in US history, over 100 times the death rate per exposure hours than any car.

Check the attitude of this lobby group, the American Canoe Association in their own magazine that lures citizens to their agonizing deaths:
"All national paddlesports organizations combined comprise just one percent of committed users and a tenth-percent of the total user group...To represent paddlers to regulatory agencies with legitimacy, an organization should represent at least 10 percent of the sport's committed users...The ACA is the paddlesport organization best placed protect paddlers from paddlecraft registration, required education and mandated PFD use...protecting our sport from needless government regulation." (Paddler, Sept./Oct., 2003, p.84)

US Coast Guard, National Boating Safety Advisory Council minutes: Chairman Muldoon threatened to lift canoe and kayak safety exemptions, October, 2002:

"Captain Evans then moved on to Ms. Moonís concerns from the Professional Paddlesports Association on what they are doing to address the canoe and kayak fatalities. He said that the staff would contact the PPA to seek this information and have them address the Council at the next meeting if desired.

Chairman Muldoon said that they are very strongly considering requesting the removal of exemptions because of their lack of interest in the Council."

This was the first time since 1975 that the USCG has considered lifting these exemptions, and requiring all canoes and kayaks to have the Level Flotation Standard rescue platform: 2 tiny, CO2 gas powered containers, costing $25 each, inflating large emergency airbags (sponsons) in seconds! USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978  "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue."

US Coast Guard report 071-01: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type"

"A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types at double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats." (Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S.)

Please contact me below. I have over 1000 pages of documentation regarding these canoe and kayak deaths, particularly those of children. These tragedies can be easily prevented in the future. That is the most important thing for grieving families. That at least others may be spared such suffering in the future. Something can be retrieved from this terrible tragedy.

About 90 Americans MURDERED in Canoes and Kayaks every year, according to the USCG.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
born November 15, 1949, Bellefonte, Pa.
phone 705-549-3722 (please leave a message on the answering machine.)

Dear Colonel Rohrer:

You have numerous means of contact myself below, and included within in this large, 300 page online book. You will note that these cruel murderers (what else are they?) are fully aware of their behavior, torturing innocent American citizens to death, including their children. I would recommend reading Chapter 7 of this book, regarding the famous Milgram experiments at Yale University. See the link on the recent email to the Inspector General below. These Milgram psychogy studies, taught in every university in the US and Canada, explain how USCG personnel can allow the murder and torture of innocent citizens.

It does not matter what you say to these people, most of them (with the exception of Dick Snyder at NASBLA, National Associaton of State Boating Law Administrators, quoted below) will continue to kill, even though they recognize the horror and cruelty of these deaths. This was what Dr. Milgram found at Yale University after studying the Nuremberg Trials, and the behavior that baffled prosecutors: NAZI monsters could appear "normal", kind and loving to their own children and families.

Of course this does not mean they are innocent of murder in the second degree, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, fraud causing death etc.  Dr. Daniel Goldhagen of Harvard University recently pointed this out in his best-selling book, both in the US and Germany: "Hitler's Willing Executioners". Many German citizens refused to torture Jewish people, even at considerable risk to themselves and their own families, and their own children, who could have been tortured to death by a NAZI. And sometimes they were tortured to death, for trying to save Jewish citizens and Jewish children.

*Colonel Rohrer, you will please note that in Canada there is a brutal cover-up of this scandal. You may not believe this, but I have literally thousands of pages documenting the behavior of some RCMP officers, and some OPP officers (Ontario Provincial Police, for the province of Ontario, population about 11 million or a third of Canada.)

Most police officers easily understand this murder scandal, and they are disgusted. Unfortunately a few high-ranking (it only takes a few) officers are absolutely dedicated to murdering Canadian children in canoes and kayaks, then blaming these innocents!

In Canada they teach children not to always wear a PFD, but put it on in the water! So any message "wear your PFD" is lost. See for yourself:

Halton District School Board Operational Policy
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... the following skills: ? Proper entry/exit from a canoe ? Self rescues into dry
or swamped canoes ? Canoe over canoe rescue procedures ? Synchronized ... Canoe%20Guidelines%202.doc%203.pdf - Similar


"Commissioner Boniface, this murder scam has been so succesful due to Degrading Propaganda. The victims must always be blamed for their own deaths, whether Ontario Girl Guides wear PFDs or not. And your own Officers are taught to put PFDs on in the water, despite the death of the RCMP officer June 3, 2005, Lake Okanagan. See: Transport Canada's "Safe Boats" (safe-boats.pdf): "Children should be encouraged to wear their lifejacket or PFD at all times. They should learn how to put them on in the water." p.47. This contradictory and deadly misinformation is repeated in the Transport Canada MTAC Safe Boating Study Guide:  "To put on a PFD in the water, follow these procedures:
   · Spread the device open with the inside facing up out of the water
   · Rotate the PFD so you are looking at the neck opening
   · Put both arms through the arm holes
   · Lift arms over the head
   · Position the device around your upper body
   · Fasten the device to fit snugly"  (

The US Coast Guard made it the law, several years ago for all children up to 13 years to always wear a PFD. Many states have much more strict mandatory PFD wearage laws due to the extremely high rate of death. However the 14 year old boys and the Girl Guides died wearing PFDs. If they are denied a simple, inexpensive, fail-safe, fool-proof means to get out of the water, they will die, choking in pain and terror.

Most Canadian Police Officers are decent and want to save lives. But if they are low-ranking they are ordered to threaten me. You can read about this in my letters to Commissioner Boniface, many having been intercepted without her knowledge: ( See how Canadian politics murdered 90 Americans in 2005, and will murder another 90 or so Americans in 2006. In pain and terror.

I hope to reach you today Colonel Rohrer. The Safety of Americans was affected by this Canadian Scandal!

All of this information regarding the 90 Americans and the children who were murdered in 2005, was confiscated May 2005. I only got this computer with all of the documents, back from the OPP a few weeks ago.

Otherwise, I could have reached some legal help for the dead American boys in nearby Atlanta etc. I also could have reached the families of the three (3) 14 year old boys murdered in Canada on May 20, 2005 by the RCMP, OPP, Transport Canada and former Deputy PM and Minister of Public Safety A. Anne McLellan. (She was thrown out in the last election 3 weeks ago, but nothing has changed.) About 120 American and Canadian families were denied their legal rights to the truth in 2005. But worse, Pamela Dillon was protected in 2005 in the murders of about 120 victims in the United States and Canada, by the OPP. She continues to muder about 20 Canadian and American children a year, as ACA Jacobson admits, due to no rescues! The OPP continues to protect her; although law enforcement officials in the US acknowledge the scam. The US Coast Guard Investigative services have read the satirical parts of the email below, to teach Dillon that she is torturing children to death, and have commended me with my thorough research. These emails must continue to cancel ACA Dillon's insurance, from American Specialty. She had a difficult time getting insrance since she murders so many victims.

I should continue to email the murderers, who eventually will stop killing, if I continue. The US Coast Cuard Investigative Service sees nothing wrong in the email below. It contains careful factual information, as well as a satirical image of what is to be DONE to about 120 innocent Canadians and Americans in 2006, without police interventon. And what happened in 2005 with corrupt Canadian OPP intervention:  (

This is what the psychology research predicts. Bring the murderers to public attention, preferably court, and they will stop. And I have already proved this with regard to, that used to post terrible Degrading Propaganda. For example, all canoe and kayak victims deserve to die because it is Darwin's law!

If you want to stop these deaths, you lay criminal charges. Numerous emails (as below) to the American Canoe Association, and more importantly, their insurance Company, American Specialty Insurance, will stop them soon. (The insurance company and their re-insurers will withdraw the policy; since it is bad business to insure the murders of American and Canadian children. Just like the Nuremberg Trials and anti-hate laws today in America and Canada stop would-be NAZI murderers.)

Back to Canada, Colonel Rohrer, and other US law enforcement officials:

You see, the Liberal Party in power in Ontario, specifically Attorney General Michael Bryant, and Minister for Public Safety and the OPP, Monte Kwinter, want to cover up this murder scandal of the Liberal Party of Canada, and former Prime Minister Chretien, August 1994.

And you see, the Conservatives, in political opposition to the Liberals, are worried about former Ontario Conservative Premier Harris today on the stand, for alledgedly ordering one racist murder and one nearly fatal OPP beating of a relative of the dead victim, who was  attempting to mediate. The Premier was forced to resign by the family's lawsuit. Read the book: "One Dead Indian" by Peter Edwards. It is also a movie, on CTV (quite accurate to the book.)

You thought you had political problems in America? It gets worse in Canada. Premier Harris on the stand yesterday denied ordering the OPP's TRU and CMU units, over 100 fully armoured police officers, including snipers, helicopters and armoured cars, to attack about one dozen native men, women and children who had occupied a burial ground that the federal government said belonged to them. It is their burial ground at Ipperwash.

And the OPP are now worried that murdering children in canoes and kayaks does not look good either. So you see, most OPP officers are decent people who would normally prevent the torture to death of citizens in canoes and kayaks. And then there is politics in Canada. Politics can lead to horrible crimes, even today.

The link below shows the infamous cold water experiments by the NAZIs. There were 80 cold water prosecutions at Nuremberg. The Nazis stopped after 80 when they figured out that their pilots dying in the water during the Battle of Britain needed to get out of the water to survive. These scientific experiments are so accurate, since the ethics of torturing live human beings to death did not interfere, performed mainly by Dr. Mengele's colleagues at Dachau and Auschwitz, that a Professor at the University of Victoria in Canada, today uses the research to save lives from hypothermia.

Attention Office of Investigations, Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security :

Re: Torture and Death Scandal of American Canoe Association and National Boating Safety Advisory Council

Please contact me below regarding the criminal actions of the USCG and the American Canoe Association. This is an extremely large criminal scandal for the US Coast Guard.

You will note the wilful and reckless disregard for human life by Pamela Dillon, American Canoe Association, to manipulate the USCG National Boating Safety Advisory Council, resulting in nearly 300 canoe and kayak deaths, over 3 years. Nearly 50 of the dead are American children choking in terror, often wearing PFDs but prevented from having $25 CO2 sponsons to get out of deadly water. These victims die in terror, thinking of loved ones, denied $25 CO2 sponsons to get out immediately (see links below), like any 10 year old girls without previous experience or instruction. All of this death and torture exists so Dillon and the American Canoe Association can sell their expensive, fraudulent and deadly instruction. Some of NBSAC are guilty of Criminal Negligence. Dillon has committed 300 counts of Murder in the second degree. Someone in a canoe or kayak this week or next will die in terror, like the schoolboys in Florida, February 2005.

Unfortunately, this has been going on for many years and many deaths. (At least 90 dead US victims per year.) The USCG personnel are following a behavior pattern that could be predicted from the famous Milgram psychology experiments at Yale. (You can see the Chapter 7 book link below, discussing this USCG behavior.)

Americans will be very grateful for the assistance of  THE INSPECTOR GENERAL in addressing these horrible and agonizing deaths. Drowning has been used as a torture technique for thousands of years. The parties below refuse to consider that they are permitting these cruel murders, even of  children.  Milgram would not have been surprised. I have tried every legal and psychological device to get these killers to understand their responsibility to US citizens. Their use of  Degrading Propaganda, to blame the victims for their own deaths, has even blinded them to the innocent victims they are killing, by granting "safety exemptions" to canoes and kayaks.

All information below is accurate. You will note that this scandal is extremely shameful to the USCG. I would point out that the USCG personnel are poorly educated, probably can't spell "psychology", and are acting within the predictions of the Yale experiments; acting within a group to grant "safety exemptions" to their friends, to murder US citizens and their children.

As JAG and HS legal personnel would know, those famous experiments at Yale by Dr. Milgram were inspired by questions at the Nuremberg Trials, where prosecutors were baffled that Nazi murderers could be kind and loving to their own. Those experiments are taught in all introductory psychology courses in every major university in the United States.

These US Coast Guard murderers at NBSAC are completely willing to allow their "friends" at the American Canoe Association "safety exemptions" to murder American children. The big point here is that These USCG murderers have known about their horrible actions, torturing American men, women and children to death, for many years:

US Coast Guard report 071-01: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type".

Canoe and Kayak Safety must work without complex instruction, training or practice: "...incorporation of buoyant sponsons exterior to the hull. Only the inherent reliability and fail-safe nature of a passive safety system can ensure the level of dependability essential to safeguarding the lives of passengers." p.5, National Transportation Safety Board Washington, D.C. 20594 Safety Recommendation Date: May 2, 2002 In reply refer to: M-02-1 through -4 Admiral James M. Loy Commandant U.S. Coast Guard Washington, D.C. 20593-0001.

"A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats." (Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S.)

All of this is obvious. US COAST GUARD personnel continue to torture Americans to death in canoes and kayaks; as the Yale Milgram experiments, after studying the Nuremberg evidence of Nazi torturers, have proved dozens of times, replicated in experiments in universities around the world....These US Coast Guard personel know that they are torturing American children, choking to death in pain and terror!

I am a U.S. citizen. Please save these innocent lives from a criminal murder scam, far worse than Enron.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram,
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
phone 705-549-3722

Re: Cruel Torture and Murder by The USCG's National Boating Safety Advisory Council

Only 2006 years ago a famous person under torture stated: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!" But NBSAC knows they are permitting ACA Dillon and the American Canoe Association to torture to death American Children and Adults, by putting their heads in cool waters.

Chairman Muldoon threatened the American Canoe Association with "removal of safety exemptions", (NBSAC Minutes, October 2002), that permit canoes and kayaks to kill US citizens, by not having The Level Flotation Standard for small boats, about 300 dead, tortured American Children and Adults ago:

The Level Flotation Standard for small boats is nearly 3 decades old, to provide a rescue platform so people don't die in the water: US Coast Guard Boating Safety Circular 73* "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue. 33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978."

The first comment about the USCG Kayak/Canoe Sponson Study, at the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators' Boats and Associated Equipment Committee, is a control:

"7. Review USCG study on supplemental flotation for non-powered craft... Snyder said none of these boats should sink. Boats under 20 feet with outboards must have level flotation why shouldn't paddlecraft?" Thank you Dick Snyder. A voice of commonsense America. One of many.

Here is some Degrading Propaganda (Osama bin Laden would be happy with this infidel's stupidity), from the USCG:

Dear Richard:

You are now off the list.

The question is: Why do you endorse putting the Heads of American Children in cool waters, as I have written below, to die? Whereas any 10 year old girls can easily rescue themselves and others in seconds, without instruction or experience... This has been well-known for many years.

Who is "reckless if not evil"? Denying these children (and innocent adults) a means to save their lives, dying in pain and terror, to make money for the American Canoe Association. See the pictures of the schoolboys in Florida. Who is evil, killing Americans and their children for profit?

You were never in charge of this murder racket so please just become a decent citizen, and please be aware of the power of your Degrading Propaganda below: "hurting the work, image and progress that real safety advocates are trying to promote."

Your words degrade the grieving families of the boys, as well as new US victims about to die this week and the next. Degrading Propaganda is necessary to perpetuate this evil, that has been continuing for years. This is the largest murder/torture scam in the history of the United States.

Remove Degrading Propaganda and this scam cannot continue; since law enforcement officials will quickly see numerous criminal charges, from criminal fraud to murder in the second degree, due to "wilful and reckless disregard for the value of human life".

Tim Ingram

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From: Kanehl, Richard
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Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 10:00 AM
Subject: off your email list

Per the latest Office of Boating Safety org chart @ , I am no longer in that office. Nor do I have any boating safety responsibilities.  Please take me off your email distribution list.

Also, I vehemently disapprove of your suggestions to put anyone's head in a toilet.  Instead of being a advocate of water safety, your language and calls-to-action are reckless if not evil.  Please stop hurting the work, image and progress that real safety advocates are trying to promote.

Again, take me off your email list.  I can not help your cause and will consider any further correspondence to be harassment which I shall forward to Coast Guard Investigative Services (police).

Richard Kanehl

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 8:53 AM
To: Kanehl, Richard

American Canoe Association Wins Osama bin Laden Award
for Torturing American Children to Death!

The ACA tortured Clay McKemie and Sean Wilkinson, both 14 years of age from Darlington School, Rome, Georgia, to death near Suwannee, Florida. Both boys were wearing PFDs according to the ACA Murder Scam Program. But of course they were prevented from getting out of the water with $25 CO2 sponsons; despite the fact that any 10 year old girls in the world can rescue themselves and others without previous experience or instruction. (See pictures of the girls on links below.) These boys died agonizing deaths, in great pain and terror, knowing they would never see their families again. Their cruel torture to death by the American Canoe Association has won The Osama bin Laden Award for the ACA.

American Specialty Insurance Wins the Osama Toilets Award for Conspicuously insuring the ACA's Torturing to Death of American Children!

You will notice    Copy and Paste IN ADDRESS BAR if this link is not live.

Free online 300 page book:

Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 Canadian and American Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993

You will notice that I have been very fair in the book to Chairman Muldoon (canoe and kayak safety exemptions), Jo Moon, Phil Cappel and the rest. After New Orleans no-one expects much from Homeland Security or the US Coast Guard, torturing American children to death in canoes and kayaks, to make the American Canoe Association happy.

See Dr. Milgram's explanation for this desire to please, in the book ( Copy and Paste IN ADDRESS BAR if this link is not live.

Eventually Google will have this book at the top of numerous lists including "USCG safety", "canoe safety" etc. And anyone reading this book will see that the USCG might as well be led by the Arabian Horse Breeder, chosen by the White House to head up the protection of New Orleans.

American citizens will tolerate much. But they will not tolerate the water torture of their children in canoes and kayaks. Not even 2 children, let alone a dozen. The American people are not stupid, unlike NBSAC.

This email is sent to you regarding the details of the drowning tortures, inflicted on about 90 citizens in canoes and kayaks annually, in the United States alone. This email will eventually be sent to a new chapter in the book: The Osama bin Laden Awards to Americans who Torture American Children to Death. The ACA insurance company is now in the running.

But in the running now for top prize is Pamela Dillon of the American Canoe Association. You can observe what NBSAC does to American children by grabbing Dillon at the next NBSAC meeting and dragging her to the nearest toilet. Hold her head underwater for 60 seconds. Time this immersion carefully. You could cause serious brain damage for a longer duration, since oxygen to the brain is impaired by this experiment. (This is what happened to the 11 year old Girl Guides, picked up by the USCG helicopter too late. Hypothermia impaired heartbeat and blood flow to the brain.) Those kids did not drown, unlike the schoolboys in Florida, wearing PFDs on a school trip February 2005; whose heads eventually could not be held up out of the water, due to hypothermia effects on the neck muscles, brain functions, etc., as they died in terror thinking of their families they would never see again. How about the other kids from the Darlington school who witnessed this torture of classmates, with the full approval of the US Coast Guard and NBSAC?

Make certain that ACA Pamela Dillon does not get too much chance to draw a good breath of air, and then plunge her head into the toilet again. The American Canoe Association has done this recently to over 1000 American citizens who suffered agonizing deaths, in terror of never seeing loved ones again. NBSAC and Homeland Security endorses this torture of American citizens. See the pictures.

ACA Dillon may suffer a little brain damage from this experiment, (since her heart may pump a little less blood to her brain under this stress.) But this brain damage will not be noticed at the American Canoe Association since she will still be able to walk and talk; unlike the victims, EVEN AMERICAN CHILDREN, victims of the American Canoe Association and NBSAC.

Dillon is a member of NBSAC, despite her record. NBSAC and the US Coast Guard will benefit from witnessing Dillon's torture in a toilet of the Marriott Hotel, at the next NBSAC meeting. This "brings it all home" to the stupid people at NBSAC, regarding what they actually do to US citizens and their loved ones. Like the famous Milgram psychology experiments at Yale.

NBSAC is torturing some beloved American citizen to death this week. Unlike Dillon, who gets to walk. (Calculate this: about 90 canoe and kayak deaths in BARD annually, divided by the number of weeks in a year, 52.) If you can't do this, ask one of the USCG Admirals who went to college. It is pretty simple.

Maybe some decent State Attorney's office will investigate this egregious murder and torture of Americans and their kids. GOD knows that I have warned you often enough for many years.

Apart from the sheer cruelty and deliberation of these murders, this is the largest murder scandal in the history of the United States. This is history, as any US judge is well aware. History cannot be changed. Re-written, but not changed. I wonder if the journalists at the Washington Post know this. Or are they chasing another story without real world consequences, that everyone forgets in a day.

If you phone me to ask for my help, I shall give it freely: Allow Americans to escape the water without previous experience or instruction, like the 10 year old girls in the pictures of the book. It is pretty simple! Don't torture them for profit with expensive American Canoe Association Murder Instruction. (No judge or jury in America can save themselves with that either!)

I would be pleased to meet you in any court. Most Americans are not as stupid as NBSAC, nor as sadistic as the American Canoe Association.

Tim Ingram, phone me at 705-549-3722

P.S. This is going on the internet to be read by millions. And someday this week you will be torturing some American just like ACA Dillon, although innocent and decent instead; perhaps an American child, choking in pain and terror, through your efforts. You are continuing to make history.