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Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 Canadian and American Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993.

Tim Ingram

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Chapter 1: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, US Governmental Affairs (
Chapter 2: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, Canadian Governmental Affairs
Chapter 3: Fundamental Lifesaving Error in Rescue Safety of Canoes and Kayaks, No Level Flotation Standard: Responsible for Thousands of Deaths Since 1978
 Chapter 4. Recognition by All Major Authors of The Simple Facts of Human Life Saving and Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 5: Criminal Fraud in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 6: Blaming Victims for Their Own Deaths Through Degrading Propaganda
Chapter 7: The Milgram Studies and Criminal Rescue Safety
Chapter 8: Legal Developments in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 9: Ongoing Reckless Endangerment and Death in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. The Intent.
Appendix: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. Canada:
Appendix2: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. America:

Supplementary OPP Appendix:

RCMP Zaccardelli File

New Book:
The Minnesota Canoe Murders

Chapter 2: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, Canadian Governmental Affairs

I must say that, apart from the Many dutiful Search and Rescue Officers in the Canadian Coast Guard, the Canadians have much less respect for the value of Canadian lives. In history you can see quite disparate treatment in the two countries with respect to basic rights of citizens under the law. The US military in WW1 and WW2 was very careful with respect to the lives of US soldiers.

N.B. I want you to bear in mind, at the beginning of any chapter in this book, and always, the wilful and reckless endangerment of human life for profit using DEGRADING PROPAGANDA;

Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls, Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor.
Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one); and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy. These facts are obvious. But also obvious is the power of  Degrading Propaganda to blame any identifiable group for their own deaths; used throughout history to achieve the ruthless ends of special interest groups.

Some people who may appear here to be villains, may also be victims of the power of  Degrading Propaganda too. The purpose of this online book is to change this as quickly as possible. Some are sadistic. The psychological power of degrading propaganda must not be underestimated. It permits many terrible human tragedies, including torture and war; quite apart from the agonizing deaths here.

I want this to be understood, as proven in the famous Milgram experiments at Yale, (among the most important scientific research conducted for the benefit of humanity, let alone social psychology), that perfectly "normal" members of society will commit horrible acts of torture and death against any "identifiable group". This knowledge has inspired laws such as the "Geneva Convention", and this research has been included in the basic curriculum for introductory psychology courses in every major university in the world. Police and military forces use this knowledge on a daily basis. Without this knowledge in practice, we have had atrocities ranging from the Ipperwash tragedy against harmless native people occupying their own burial ground in Canada, to the recent scandals in Iraq at Abu Graib prison.

Usually low-ranking and closely-connected officers and soldiers are punished as "scapegoats." However, always and without exception, the chain of command has endorsed these crimes explicitly or implicitly, in order for them to occur.

It does not take much, as the Milgram experiments have shown, for individuals in a group context to commit crimes against humanity.

It should be noted that these otherwise normal perpetrators, offering no offense to their neighbours, and certainly no harm to anyone else, will act against an "identifiable group", even children. In this book, the cruel torturing to death of victms is well documented. Degrading Propaganda, suggesting that this horrible result is "inevitable", or due to ignorance of bogus lifesaving opportunities: is the operating principle. This is No comfort to the families of 1,500 North American victims of canoes and kayaks, who often do not realize that their basic human rights have been violated in an almost unbelievable, violent context.  The 10 year old girl pictures and other evidence from Military and Search and Rescue professionals, here exists.

You will note below, my communications with the Canadian Safe Boating Council, their U. S. counterpart the NSBC, Transport Canada "safety" officials, police and many others.

Their veneer of "lifesaving ethics" is clearly exposed; as their sad needs for personal gratification "for doing a good job", leave a multitude in the waters to die. Simply accomplished by sufficient Degradation of the human value of the victims, using Propaganda. *Many canoe and kayak instructors do see through this horrible scam. But many face threats of economic boycott of their products and services, if they speak out. This information was contributed to the US Coast Guard Canoe and Kayak Sponson Study. But it was left out, due to the protests of the American Canoe Association and other criminal self-interest groups.

I attribute my experiences as a YMCA camp counsellor and a brief stint as a Scoutmaster, to my own awakening to these horrible crimes.

One sad comment here:
Many of the major companies in North America at first wanted airbag sponsons. The major magazines, such as Canoe and Kayak, and Seakayaker Magazine, as well as the major authors, applauded the benefits of making an inherently ustable vessel, such as a kayak or canoe, so stable as to provide a "life raft", capable of being paddled to shore with cold and frightened victims. Then the backlash by the lobby groups, like the American Canoe Association in America began their deadly propaganda to keep innocent victims, even children, in the water to die.

Of course canoe and kayak instruction could include not only fail-safe and fool-proof rescue safety, but all kinds of courses in campcraft, survival, nature studies, geology, astronomy, weather-reading, philosophy, etc., etc. There is no end to lucrative canoe and kayak instruction. People need not be tortured and murdered to make a buck!

The Canadian Military regularly permitted execution of shell-shocked Canadian soldiers by firing squads made up of  British soldiers in WW1. Neither the Australian nor the New Zealand governments permitted such treatment of their shell-shocked soldiers when they fell back from the lines under total blankets of bombardment. Nor did the US military. In WW2 Canadian soldiers were deliberately sacrificed at Dieppe to prove to Stalin that a successful Western invasion could not be made, to take heat off Stalin's troops in Russia. (This information came to light in 2003, in the research of a doctoral student at the University of Victoria, Canada. The actual papers were uncovered that instructed, before the Dieppe raid, how to treat all information regarding the unsuccessful military adventure afterwards. An adventure that knowingly fed highly trained Canadian troops into concentrated deadly fire for a political reason.)

So Canada is not as fine a democracy as some people think. Sure the US has problems too. I believe that the US Coast Guard has far more decency and respect for human life than the Canadian Superintendents of Boating Safety in the Canadian Coast Guard. There are fine Search and Rescue personnel in the Canadian Coast Guard too. They are unfortunately not in charge.

Mr. Churchill is not a monster but the evidence shows that he, and other members of the Canadian government are responsible for depriving Canadian citizens of canoe and kayak sponsons. This action of extreme prejudice is against the interests of public safety and is responsible for the resulting canoe and kayak deaths of hundreds of Canadian citizens.

It is a matter of public record that a very dutiful Canadian Search and Rescue Officer was literally put on a Coast Guard ship in order to cover-up the first Canadian Coast Guard Sponson Study. The Canadian Coast Guard officer Colin _____ told me in a telephone conversation August 1994 that he left the Coast Guard Headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia on a day in August 1994 to walk to the nearby retail store, Ocean River Sports/ Current Designs. He told me that he spoke with the kayaking instructors there who stated that their sponsons were far superior to paddlefloats or any other safety devices. This finding was essentially the same as the US Military Kayak Sponson Study:

"basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat." Invitational Military Kayak Paddle 1994 Evaluation

Colin _____ said that this finding was sharply contrasted with the statement made by the owner of the store, Mr. Brian Henry, who said, according to this phone call: "Sponsons prevent rescue." It should be noted that Mr. Henry and all others in the canoe and kayak business make substantial profits from teaching Eskimo rolling and other time-consuming and expensive "rescues" that don't work. I think that Mr. Henry's business stood a good chance of being economically boycotted by certain vested interests if he recommended sponsons. I know Mr. Henry personally and I think he is a fine person. He is no more dangerous to people in canoes and kayaks that anyone else in the canoe and kayak industry. Of course the canoe and kayak industry is very deadly indeed. There are numerous examples of boycotts against companies that sold sponsons, in Canada and the US. This is against the law. The Federal Trade Commission calls this "unfair and deceptive practice." (Instructors like their money, and their ego trips, selling fraudulent and deadly instruction. They certainly don't want safe canoes and kayaks that are self-rescuing with $50, 5 second, CO2 sponsons.)

Mr. Churchill is a friend of Brian Henry and he supported the Canadian canoe and kayak industry against the safety interests of the Canadian public. Mr. Churchill also told me in a phone conversation in 2002 that Ocean River Sports/ Current Designs had responded to his Canada-wide poll of the canoe and kayak industry regarding their opinion of sponsons: "Sponsons, some people love them, and some people hate them." (It would appear that some profit-hungry instructors are the latter, and people who want to be safe and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive instruction that doesn't work, are the former.)

Not only does the Canadian Coast Guard continue to lie to citizens and lure them into waters from which they cannot escape when they capsize, the CCG continues to use taxpayer dollars to advertise the fraudulent, expensive, time-consuming, and deadly instruction sold by the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA), the equivalent lobby group in Canada to the American Canoe Association. The death rate in Canada is many times the canoe and kayak death rate in the US Coast Guard BARD data (on the USCG website.) The CRCA in their magazine "Kanawa", Winter, 2003 states that 600 deaths have occurred in 12 years, due to "balancing" problems, and resulting capsizes.

This was published in Canoe Magazine, Spring 1993, now Canoe and Kayak Magazine, available at most outlets; since it is the major commercial canoe and kayak industry publication, for Canada and America:

Then the advertising revenues at Canoe (now Canoe and Kayak Magazine) were threatened; since all canoe and kayak manufacturers depend on canoe and kayak instructors for their salespersons. These instructors make far more money as a group than the total sales of canoes and kayaks, with profits at only a few hundred dollars on each sale. In a pyramid scam, the ACA in the US, CRCA and ORCA in Canada, make hundreds of dollars for each course to train Instructors, Trainers, Instructor Trainers, Instructor Trainers Class 1, etc.

This is of course a horrible scam: creating as many "rescues" and levels of  "experts" as possible, to sell as many expensive "safety" programs as possible, while denying innocent victims a simple means, $25 CO2 airbag sponsons, to escape agonizing deaths in cool waters. Murdering over a dozen innocent children in the US and Canada a year, and some years, many more than that!

The Level Flotation Standard is the law for all small boats in Canada and the United States. Without a rescue platform (and only $25 CO2 airbag sponsons can create a rescue platform out of a canoe or kayak since they are so narrow), for people to get out of the water, they will die in large numbers. Note that the waters of Canada are only used by canoes and kayaks a few warm months of the year. Otherwise the cold and ice prevents year round use, as in  Florida for example.

And canoe/kayak use in North America is declining over the past 3 years according to the ACA. See their deadly commercial magazine Paddler, Mar./Apr., 2004, p.8 and Jan./Feb., 2004, p.8. The Ford Firestone scandal killed 200 in the same period that 1000 died in canoes and kayaks (that are not paddled for hours every day.) Only 200 Ford Explorer deaths since 5 million "rollover-types" were made 1990-2001 (America's most popular SUV). But 1000 US canoe/kayak deaths occurred in the same period. The CANOE/KAYAK Death Rate greatly exceeds the 5 million Ford Explorers' DEATH RATE, most driven daily for hours at a time. (USCG BARD).

The canoe/kayak death rate in Canada greatly exceeds any other death rate in the world, or in Canada! This is what you could expect from a government program using millions of tax dollars to get people into canoes and kayaks with no means of saving themselves.


April 10th, 2002

Dear Mr. Churchill:
Re: Canadian Coast Guard Proxy Murders

I have reason to believe you are not working on the safety of Canadians as below. I am forced to advise you of the consequences of over 200 Canadian deaths since the last intervention of the Canadian Coast Guard:

1. I am trying to be very fair to 2 organizations who have personnel with good intentions. However, if you continue to allow citizens to be murdered in canoes and kayaks, Transport Canada's laws, under the Canadian Coast Guard, must be brought to justice.

2. I have clearly shown that the Canadian Coast Guard is guilty of permitting murderous fraud, with a murder rate well over three (3) times the US rate: "... Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type." (Release No:071-01, US Coast Guard)

3. You have permitted special interest groups to murder the public in canoes and kayaks instead of making them self-rescuing.

4. These special interest groups are allowed to murder freely, with Coast Guard Approval. Instead of creating a canoe and kayak education program for society: embracing wilderness skills, natural history, navigation, ecology, the-list-is-endless. Once canoes and kayaks are safe enough.

Please reply immediately.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
(phone/fax 705-549-3722)

Dear Mr. Churchill:

Thank you for replying.

I wish to correct some facts in your brief reply below:

Point 1. I telephoned you early in the morning February 21, 2002. I had at that time, for 3 weeks previously, been contacting your Office of Boating Safety about every 2 days. Only to be told that my request was " being studied etc."

The people on the phone, including 2 supervisors, courteously understood that I needed to speak to whomever was "studying", since it was not possible for that person to possibly know what they were "studying"; i.e. gas powered built-in sponsons in tiny canisters etc. marked "rescue emergency" on both sides of a canoe or kayak:

"...transform every kayak and canoe into a LIFE RAFT, to get victims out of the water in seconds: Large, gas-powered sponsons for easy re-entry, equal to the best FAA certified, airliner LIFE RAFTS. Any capsize can kill."

Finally I got through to your office, and I was able to speak to you directly, early that one morning. (And thank you for your courteous response, pointing out for example that Current Designs/Ocean River Sports said, in effect: "Sponsons. People either love them or they hate them." I realize you were trying to convey to me that you, and this company, were trying to be "fair" and "even-handed, etc." with my concerns. And not, obviously, just in a metaphorical manner, as in your choice to read me the response from Victoria. Thank you for your kind intent. I appreciate that.)

I do understand that you have been very busy, having recently moved to Ottawa. I hope that you understand in my reply here that I sincerely wish to help you to understand the situation. I do not wish to anger you or treat you in any way but in a courteous fashion.

I would no more criticize the Canadian Coast Guard than my local police force, unless I had very clear and cogent reason. You have a tough job.

I also realize that you will find much of this difficult to hear.

Point 2. You did not inform me that the USCG was "studying" the matter, as I recall. But I sent you an email February 22nd, the following morning, with a Cc: to Mr. Cappel, USCG. I suggested to you that you talk to him, because the USCG was "studying" God-knows-what-kind-of-sponsons. He is a very pleasant person. Everyone I have spoken to in the Coast Guards in both countries is very kind and very understanding of the LIFE RAFT concept.

It is rather obvious that people cannot die in the water if they are out of the water. Especially if the LIFE RAFT can be paddled to shore immediately, to further decrease the death risks of hypothermia.

(People are generally very understanding Unless they are angry. But I understand the difficult position they experience and react to in anger, defensively. And they would not feel defensive if I were not persistent. Just more innocent citizens dying at a regular, average annual rate: about 30 in Canada, and 100 in the US.

About 20 % of these deaths are whitewater: Quick deaths, not normally due to hypothermia. They are deliberate, "trapped" risk deaths.

These minority cases are not remedied directly by liferaft concepts, or any safety equipment. But they exist partly due to canoe and kayak "cultural" attitudes to risk and death. This "culture" can be partly corrected by the COAST GUARD through the use of reliable safety equipment, such as the built-in LIFE RAFT.

Right now the "culture" insists that the rate of death is unavoidable. Not true. Canoes and kayaks dramatically reduce risk of death through LIFE RAFT safety, just as cars benefit from seatbelts. Or LIFE RAFTS get people out of the water. Obviously.

The canoe and kayak industry hates to see their "culture" eroded, along with money extorted by useless instruction, and for some: The Status of Being "Superior" to Others. This "culture" is obviously at odds with the values of our society. It is frankly: Murder. The COAST GUARD must intervene in this "culture".)

Point 3. My Points to the COAST GUARDS are not accusations. They are statements of fact. Just follow the link to the 2 little girls in the totally flooded, big, white canoe below. Ten second rescue. Five seconds with the latest LIFE RAFT technology. And much more reliable due to the built-in factor.

The deaths of Canadian Children at summer camps, on school trips, and in Parks are Horrifying: horrifying!

My points are not accusations. They are statements of fact, observable to any judge and jury in a very short while. For example: Have them try the COAST GUARD approved "canoe over canoe rescue" fraudulently endorsed (with misleading "qualifications"), throughout Canada.

Then have them try the 10 second self-rescue (no second canoe required), as demonstrated by the 10 year old girl. (Note that the totally flooded canoe is the maximum weight it can be. Heavy canoe packs, no matter how heavy, will weigh less than the weight of water displaced by the heaviest packs. In other words, if a strong human can lift it, the pack will float.) This is why I show the picture fully flooded; normally most water will run out. Ask a scientist in your office to confirm this. Ask several.

If these facts are present in a Canadian courtroom, surrounding the needless deaths of Canadian children, the effect is palpable. And horrifying to most people.

Please, Mr. Churchill, understand that these are facts, not accusations. And they are horrifying. But this is not the COAST GUARDS' fault!

I have clearly explained to the USCG that they have been tricked by criminal lobby groups, like the American Canoe Association. The ACA fears to challenge my charges, for some time now, of Murder. Murder it is. Not Libel: Truth. Truth it is, not libel: Murder!

Point 4. Your point below regarding " no support for your proposal in Canada, " is precisely what I predicted to you in the February 22nd email. This response was clearly elicited by "Collin", Search and Rescue Officer, Canadian Coast Guard, August, 1994, at Ocean River/Current Designs, Victoria, B.C., as I explained in the email to you and Mr. Cappel, USCG.

This contradicts their recent communication to you, that you read to me.

Of course everything in the statement: "Sponsons. People either love them or they hate them." is contradictory. My advice to you is to be very careful with how you evaluate these people, among others. Over 200 Canadian deaths have occurred since the last Canadian Coast Guard intervention with them.

And they are referring of course not to the same sponsons that the little girls are using, or the GAS Sponsons: The latest development of the LIFE RAFT concept.

The COAST GUARDS must quickly intervene in this murderous "culture". The "culture" is at odds with any "safety" perceived to diminish "status", "power", or instruction money to these special interest groups.

These groups horribly endanger innocent citizens only by the approval of the COAST GUARD.

You must stop them immediately. This issue is not going away. As I have explained above: I want to help the COAST GUARDS in both Canada and the US. I can help you implement true canoe and kayak safety, stop most deaths, and help the canoe and kayak industry "evolve" into a respectable part of society; not a "macho" murder cult.
My emphasis is on educational programs of benefit to general society.

Point 5. You must understand Mr. Churchill: "no further comment from the Canadian Coast Guard " is neither an acceptable, nor realistic response from the COAST GUARD in either country.

This issue will go into various legal and political channels if you do not intervene now. And the further this goes, and the longer this paper trail becomes, the more untenable a "no comment" COAST GUARD position becomes.

Of course the deaths in North America are being counted now, at this moment for 2002. Some are children. Some may be Canadian children. Some may be American children. It is horrifying.

You must do something before peak season. Please do not compromise yourselves for the sake of murderers like the American Canoe Association etc.

I cannot let go of this issue. And neither can the COAST GUARD.

I hope we can begin productive safety steps immediately.

Please confer with helpful colleagues and reply soon.



(phone/fax 705-549-3722)

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You are requested to stop sending these emails to the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. You were advised some weeks ago that the CCG was reviewing your concerns and was also discussing this matter with the USCG. To date there appears to be virtually no support for your proposal in Canada. Pending the findings of the USCG into your accusations there will be no further comment from the Canadian Coast Guard.

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Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 4:08 PM
To: ChurchillJ@DFO-MPO.GC.CA
Subject: murder

From: Tim Ingram, Phone/Fax 705-549-3722

April 8th, 2002

Dear Prosecutors, Attorneys-General, Coast Guards:

Re: Second Degree Murder Charges Against the American Canoe Association

The American Canoe Association continues to murder the public as described in the "shell game" below. They are cold-blooded in their practice, blaming victims for dying, while admitting, as in the "Mariner Kayaks quote" below, that they have no reliable rescues to get victims out of the water.

This ENRON-type safety scam has cost nearly 1000 American lives since the American Canoe Association first deliberately deprived the public of emergency stability (a built-in life raft), as disclosed to the Attorney-General of Florida.

US Coast Guard
"Release No:071-01
May 24, 2001
"... aimed at reducing the-more-than 700 boating fatalities each year... Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type."

This murderous scam has played havoc with the American Justice System, as well as murdering almost 1000 American victims.

For example: the Washington State Boating Safety Officers Association uses the mother of 2 dead boys to suggest that they would be alive today if wearing a PFD.

In fact, several other dead canoe and kayak victims arrived on shore wearing PFDs nearby, within months of this tragedy.
1. Canoe and Kayak Safety means Rescuing victims from cold water, PFD or not. Otherwise they die, PFD or not.
2. Give them a life raft costing $25 for every canoe and kayak.

Look at the "shell game" played with human lives:
"Practice other rescues to back up your ability to Eskimo roll. Even the
best rescues are marginal if they haven't been practiced. Rescue practice
in a pool can be very valuable, but you should understand that a rescue
which works in a heated pool with empty kayaks can give one a false
sense of security. Wind, waves, cold water and 150 pounds of gear create
a far more difficult situation. There is a wide variety of rescue techniques
described in kayaking books, and it is nice to be aware of them; however,
many work only under ideal conditions. Rescues that require the lifting of
one kayak and rocking it over another to empty it of water risk serious
damage to many kayaks and become nearly impossible with a gear load.
The best rescues require little or no help and do not require lifting and
dumping the kayak. They get you out of the water quickly to minimize
your exposure to hypothermia and allow you to aid in the pumping or
bailing of your kayak. They should also be simple and easy to execute
with a minimum of extra gear if any. The best rescues are still a poor
second to Eskimo rolling." (

The Eskimo Roll is so unreliable for the Greenland champions that a rescue boat always follows them. The world champion rollers are not reliable enough to save their own lives! (Sea Kayaker, Feb. 2001, p.41)

The USCG, while apparently supporting attempts to save lives, has been also victimized by the scam. Admiral Loy, a Pennsylvanian by birth, like myself, has yet to act decisively. However, he will. (The USCG answers the helm more poorly than the world's largest supertanker.)

This murder scandal has no equal in American history, making a mockery of American Justice, while still "American". The murderous American Canoe Association is partnered with the "National" Safe Boating Council as part of the scam, apparently.

One Thousand (1000) American citizens slowly dying in the water, in terror, thinking of loved ones never to be seen again! Murdered by kayak or canoe.

Prosecute immediately. These are serial killers with a tie.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
phone/fax 705-549-3722

P.S. Coast Guard Responsibilities: I regard individual people in both the Canadian and US Coast Guard highly.

However both organizations suffer from Incompetent Safety Thinking, with respect to kayaks and canoes. No means to transform every kayak and canoe into a LIFE RAFT, to get victims out of the water in seconds: Large, gas-powered sponsons for easy re-entry, equal to the best FAA certified, airliner LIFE RAFTS. Any capsize can kill.

The Coast Guard would be charged for endangering their own personnel, by deliberately denying them a liferaft or other safety equipment. Yet they incompetently do this to users of kayaks and canoes: "...Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type..." (Release No:071-01, May 24, 2001)

I encourage the heads of the US Coast Guard and The Canadian Coast Guard to contact me immediately. Citizens are in present danger for no good reason. The ACA and other criminals enjoy

"Coast Guard Approval".

Some Incompetence is normal in large organizations, even in Coast Guards. But obvious, continuing, and deliberate incompetence, causing a hundred and a thousand deaths is criminal.

Tim Ingram (705-549-3722)

References: I hold individuals in high regard. This is a structural problem:

Dear Capt. Lapinski:

Thank you very much for replying. However, it is imperative that the highest level of the USCG respond to this issue, including your legal branch, as I have stated below.

The Office of Boating Safety has apparently responded as far as they can. The American Canoe Association continues to murder innocent citizens by denying them emergency stability, condemning them to slow death in the water, wearing a PFD or not.

The USCG cannot condone or associate with such criminal behavior. Citizens assume that the USCG acts to protect them.

As I have said before: Get the ACA to court immediately. Their "safety" is a shell game, not a life raft for those victimized citizens.

The criminal case against the ACA is obvious and well documented. The USCG cannot allow them, or other lobby groups to use the USCG to murder US citizens.

Thank you again for your kind reply.
Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
phone 705-549-3722

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Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 12:21 PM
To: Lapinski, Michael CAPT
Subject: Re: USCG, Canadian Coast Guard Legal Behavior

Dear Capt. Lapinski:

I am not certain my communications to you, for Admiral Loy, are reaching you.

I found the link to State Boating Law Administrators on the National Safe Boating Council website. Their executive director (Virgil Chambers)* is on the record against canoe and kayak self-rescue. It would appear that these lobby groups have an interest in continuing canoe and kayak deaths, not a decrease. This is a conflict of interest, since their importance is based on documented need for safety. If it improves, they suffer.

(*I spoke with Virgil last year. He called me at my home. He stated that the safety laws were USCG responsibility, but acknowledged that canoe and kayak safety was inadequate. I do not think that he realizes that his lobby group NSBA, is used by the USCG to do nothing to save lives. The NSBA (National Safe Boating Association) is a lobby group selling advertisements to all Boating Groups including the American Canoe Association (ACA). Consequently they have lobbying power for deadly and bogus instruction that the USCG responds to.)

When obvious safety solutions exist, they apparently actively thwart same.

I believe most USCG officials do want lower deaths. I believe Admiral Loy can see the circle of lobby groups, including the ACA, who cannot defend themselves, apparently in any court of law against murder charges. Nor do they apparently contest these serious charges.

Admiral Loy must intervene in the interest of citizens, and the very reputation of the USCG as a lifesaving organization.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram

phone 705-549-3722

----- Original Message ----- From: oldguy (Tim Ingram) <> To: Lapinski, Michael CAPT <> Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 8:10 PM Subject: USCG, Canadian Coast Guard Legal Behavior

Dear Capt. Lapinski:

Re: Mr. M.D. Russell, USCG Public Safety Values Now Compromised, Office of General Law, United States Coast Guard.
Dear Admiral Loy:

I am urgently requesting that Admiral Loy be informed regarding charges of 2nd degree murder against the American Canoe Association. The US and Canadian Coast Guards may be confused regarding canoe and kayak deaths.

But there is no confusion that real deaths in Canada and the US are nearly 300 and 1000 respectively, since the American Canoe Association deliberately schemed to deny the public any form of emergency stability, (any form of sponsons: gas inflatable PFD type, foam etc.)

This deliberate murder of 1300 innocent victims, including school children, is unfortunately associated with direct involvement of the USCG within the American Canoe Association. The Canadian Coast Guard has also been conned by murderers who deliberately kill citizens in the water, wearing a PFD or not, with deadly rescues. Even long experienced and well-practised consumers die.

These criminal charges are extremely well founded. The ACA shows no remorse in these cold-blooded murders, blaming the victims for their own deaths while convincing both the Canadian and US Coast Guards that large, 5-second deployment PFD sponsons (creating a life raft out of any kayak or canoe) are not necessary.

The recent second degree murder conviction of a dog owner in California, who had no remorse for a brutal murder by means of her vicious dogs, to the extent of also blaming the victim, confirms the eventual conviction of the ACA. And the certain conviction of parties who deliberately endanger the public in kayaks and canoes. Nearly 1300 easily preventable deaths in North America, but for the ACA, and the Coast Guards' liaison!

Immediately cease this relationship. And ensure prosecution. Otherwise this rate of death will continue in Canada and The United States.

This already is the largest recreational maritime scandal in history. Please extricate yourselves from this horrible situation immediately. Do not leave innocent citizens dying slowly in the water. Protect the public!

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram

Dear Amiral Loy:

Re: Mr. M.D. Russell, USCG Public Safety Values Now Compromised, Office of General Law, United States Coast Guard.

I am writing to keep you informed. I realize that the size of the USCG and human psychology always present challenging administative problems. I believe you will want to ask Mr. Russell about his refusal to respond to my letter and facsimile to him, March 1, 2002.

Mr. Russell apparently is attempting to deliberately ignore USCG Release No.071-01: "... Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type." This behavior ensures a continuing, needless, and very high death toll.

Worse, Mr. Russell seems determined to allow the USCG to recommend kayak rescues that the American Canoe Association (ACA) does not even recommend to the Attorney-General of Florida! The ACA plays a deadly "shell game" that always says: "The safest rescue is the rescue other than the one being questioned." Busy USCG officials are told about layers of safety through a multitude of rescues, become confused, and don't check their own data.

Most victims die in the water, whether wearing a PFD or not. So get them out of the water and most can't die. Obviously the ACA would not need a multitude of rescues if one rescue reliably got people out of the water, like a life raft. The ACA fraudulently confuses USCG officials and maintains an average murder rate of 100 victims a year, every year. Mr. Russell seems determined to help them maintain their quota.

Admiral Loy, I am certain that you do not want the USCG to ensure a continuing high toll of easily preventable deaths. Quite the opposite.

Let me show you my 2 daughters, August 2000, when they were 7 and 10 years of age in a totally flooded tripping canoe: Just scroll down this page past 8 pictures:

The sponsons normally have no strap, but simply clip to a point several inches below the gunwale, on each side. The 10 year old took 10 seconds to do this. Then the canoe is partly self bailing, with only half of the water shown. The rest runs out.
However, the picture deliberately has the sponsons set high, as the picture intends to show full flooding and paddling by 2 little girls, reaching about 2 knots while standing up. They learned how to do this in about 60 seconds. The water creates enormous neutral buoyancy ballast. The canoe is far more stable than before capsize due to coupling of ballast force and sponson buoyancy force. The children learned this in 60 seconds!

The American Canoe Association has still not learned this, although they are not children. I sent the Canadian Coast Guard, The USCG, and the American Canoe Association these pictures in the above link and this explanation many times in August, 2000.

Admiral Loy, today we have nearly 200 innocent citizens dead since August 2000. These are Easily preventable canoe and kayak deaths in the United States and Canada. Most of these victims would be alive today if the ACA, the USCG, and the Canadian Coast Guard had acted with due diligence and respect for human life in August 2000.

It took the 2 little girls about 60 seconds to learn how to save themselves in a flooded canoe within 10 seconds. The PFD sponsons have even greater power and reliability, in about 5 seconds! Kayaks or Canoes.

There is, Admiral Loy, both a moral and legal limit as to how patient I can continue to be with the USCG, the Canadian Coast Guard, and the murderers at the ACA. I am certain you understand this, although Mr. Russell apparently does not understand the legal or moral responsiblity of the USCG.

Admiral Loy:

1.You understand that I would be accused of moral and legal wrongdoing if I did not act to the best of my ability to correct this matter.
2. I understand Admiral Loy that you will ensure that the US Coast Guard will also act in a proper moral and legal manner, on your watch.

The Canadian Coast Guard will receive this communication as well. I have already prepared an agenda to be taken by certain capable politicians to the parliament of Canada, if necessary.

The debate of course questions the deliberate murder of hundreds of innocent citizens by the ACA and the canoe and kayak industry, through deliberate denial of emergency stability. Obvious, real, emergency stability safety, shown by the 2 little girls in the picture, but denied to the public with COAST GUARD approval, however unintentional on the part of the USCG.

I want you to be aware of this situation Admiral Loy. I also want the USCG to continue to have an excellent reputation as a lifesaving organization. I strongly believe that the laws and institutions of any society in the world must be upheld, if that society is to survive.

It is interesting to note that the American Canoe Association deliberately makes canoes and kayaks as deadly as possible; to enhance the "macho" reputation of instructors, create dependence on instructors for fraudulent safety, and extort money from the public. Instead, they could make canoes and kayaks as safe and attractive as possible to society.

Most ACA instructors can be rehabilitated so they can teach natural history, paddling skills, ecology, navigation, the legal structure of society, survival skills, weather reading etc. Most ACA instructors do not need to murder people to make money.

I anticipate that you will no longer permit this egregious breach in public safety, any more than you would permit an unseaworthy vessel to set sail.

Thank you Admiral Loy.

Yours truly,
Tim Ingram

PS: March 1, 2002 letter and facsimile to Mr. Russell:

Mr. Michael D. Russell
Chief, Office of General Law
U.S. Coast Guard
Fax 202-267-4287

Dear Mr. Russell:

Re: USCG Public Safety Values Now Compromised

I am writing to you regarding USCG public safety, already identified in USCG Release No.071-01:
"... Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type."
This extremely high fatality rate is due to victims having no means to get out of the water, whether or not wearing a PFD, succumbing to hypothermia, and drowning. The US Coast Guard needs to prevent these needless deaths, simply, reliably and inexpensively.

This is easily accomplished by means of Inflatable PFD Sponsons, using the same reliable technology as US Coast Guard approved PFDs, but much less expensive. These Sponsons are each contained in a small protective bag that is marked "rescue emergency" and is sleekly mounted on each side of a kayak or canoe, (with a large air bladder inside that is inflated by gas cartridge and oral back-up inflators.)

Inflatable PFD Sponsons are much simpler than Inflatable PFDs, and much less expensive to produce. Cost per pair, in economies of scale to all canoe and kayak manufacturers could be as low as $25 US dollars per pair. So the cost, whether an expensive $3,000 US canoe or kayak, or a cheap $599 US dollar kayak, is negligible.
And without PFD Sponsons, such a kayak or canoe is very deadly. (USCG #071-01)

PFD Sponsons are protected by US patent #6,343,562, permitting the economies of scale for such inexpensive safety. You can now see this online at the Patent Office using this search number.

Without PFD Sponsons, the Public Safety Values of the US Coast Guard will be compromised by continuing high fatalities, despite rather obvious, simple, and inexpensive, Emergency Stability (Life Raft) Safety.

This deprivation of public safety is against the core values of honour, duty, and honesty of the US Coast Guard. I know that you and many others at the USCG are highly alert to easily preventable deaths. This is your life work. And I hold your work and values in high regard also, as a former YMCA counsellor and Scoutmaster.

I told you in my letter of Feb. 7th, 2002 that various US Coast Guard districts were (unintentionally) endangering the public by recommending paddlefloats. I explained that the "Rescue" of human life is deliverance from peril, to "Safety". The paddlefloat recommended by the USCG in fact, is not recommended by the American Canoe Association to the Attorney General of Florida. It is generally not recommended. The paddlefloat depends on careful balancing in emergencies. Don't entrust human life, including those of YMCA kids to such a foolish "rescue" concept. The American Canoe Association has no rescue program to trust with human life, although they insist otherwise. This is why I have accused them of deliberate murder.

It is best for the USCG to steer wide of such an organization, insist on inherent PFD Sponsons for kayaks and canoes, and watch the canoe and kayak industry respond to the benefits of much better safety; as reliable as US Coast Guard approved PFDs.

Once canoes and kayaks are inherently much safer, instructors will be free to establish a much more attractive curriculum, including: paddling skills, weather reading, natural history, ecology etc. Schools and society can benefit from much greater use of canoes and kayaks. But the murder must be stopped.

"Unseaworthy vessel...etc" 251, Snow's Criminal Code, provides existing legislative power in Canada now. Probably you have similar legislation to save lives now.

Thank you for your help.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
phone/fax 705-549-3722

I expect at some time that public media will become involved in this issue. I value the work of the US and Canadian Coast Guards very highly. I hope to protect them from "macho" canoe and kayak instruction that is so obviously deadly, and potentially scandalous to any Coast Guard organization.

Comment on Canadian Emails to Government Officials

The key to effective email communication with these people is to get their attention first. This can be difficult since they are often quite arrogant. And the fact that their government policies end up with Girl Guides dying in the water, is really not a big issue for them unless it becomes an issue. The Canadian Coast Guard is actually a small department within Transport Canada. For a very brief time (about 1 year) it was shipped over to the Department of  Fisheries and Oceans. However, it is Transport Canada where some very nasty human monsters operate, indeed. Transport Canada is about the largest of the government portfolios, just as Homeland Security is much larger than any other American government agency. And after New Orleans, you can appreciate a certain insensitivity.

Their job is to protect public safety. When they act so negligently that children are killed, to say nothing of hundreds of adult citizens, it is possible to gain their attention.

By the time that they figure out that their negligent job performance has in fact killed Girl Guides, then they are better focused.

The Canadian Coast Guard, including Mr. Churchill, continues to murder innocent citizens. Recently they killed 2    eleven-year-old Girl Guides. But don't forget that many other Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue workers have acted very dutifully toward saving lives. Remember Colin _____, August 1994.

Mr. Churchill was also involved with the Rescue Divers program below. Perhaps he was just a hatchet man for a majority Liberal government that slashed the Coast Guard budget like many other budgets affecting the general welfare of the country. I think that a courtroom or other public forum would be best to explore this killing of  large numbers of Canadians.


Nov. 4, 2002

Dear Canadian Recreational Canoe Association:

I have explained to you below, about one week ago, that my duty as a
citizen is to prevent canoe and kayak deaths. Your instruction programs
are so deadly that the American Canoe Association (ACA) did not attempt
to defend this same deadly instruction to the Attorney General of
Florida one and a half years ago. They tried to sell instead the same
rescue that murdered 4 students in the UK (2 convictions for
manslaughter.) The instructors could not stabilize the kayaks of those
poor kids (without sponsons), so they kept re-capsizing and died in the
water of hypothermia, wearing PFDs, in fairly mild conditions.

Of course there are no rescues for open canoes that murder so many
Canadians, just as Bill Mason stated so many years ago. Why would you
deny the public a 5 sec., GAS powered, built-in, $25 CDN Sponson Life
Raft, factory installed in less than a minute (2 bolts) on any
canoe/kayak. (Two tiny canisters marked "emergency rescue" on each side
of any canoe/kayak create a Life Raft in 5 secs. with 2 large sponsons
of 80 lbs. buoyancy each. The canoe or kayak end becomes a boarding
platform. No practice necessary. It just works, like seatbelts in cars,
to save lives.)

This Life Raft is paddled fully flooded to shore at 2 knots, even with
3000 lbs. of water, by 2 children standing up, ages 8 and 10. No
previous practice necessary. It just works, like a PFD. It is also
partially self-bailing; but that is not necessary (for stability) here,
and waves tend to just refill boats in capsizing conditions anyway.
Canoe/Kayak Safety and Canoe/Kayak Rescue cannot depend on practice. It
must work regardless, like seatbelts in cars.

You were informed over 2 years ago about this. (There were some nice
people at Kanawa, still are, who couldn't publish this information,
apparently, although they tried.)

So the CRCA (despite the best intentions at Kanawa) decided to leave
(last count) about 60 Canadian victims dead in the water. In the next 24
months after Kanawa tried to publish, 60 Dead Canadians were left in the
water with no Life Raft to escape, despite Bill Mason's condemnation of
the Temiskaming style "rescues" (no means to stabilize craft so victims
can get out of the water) that have killed 12 kids and about 800
Canadians since.

Do you want to see the fine article sent to Kanawa for publication, with
the 4 big colour pictures, including the little girls paddling the
flooded 3,000 lb. canoe? No practice or previous experience. The 12 kids
on Lake Temiskaming could have saved themselves in 5 seconds, just like
the little girls. This is Canoe/Kayak Rescue and Canoe/Kayak Safety.
Victims who need to get out of the water to escape death use a 5 sec.
Gas-powered Life Raft. Life Rafts are the marine safety standard,

But You, the CRCA, wanted to sell murderous instruction to make money
and satisfy the sick and deadly personalities of the people who sell
your instruction, apparently. Even though it has cost now the lives of
60 Canadians in that short time. Sixty Canadian funerals already, and
rising quickly.

Most of the loved ones of these Dead Canadian victims have no idea that
their dead family members were deliberately deprived of Canoe/Kayak
Safety: No reliable means to get out of the water. They have No idea
that canoes and kayaks are by far the most deadly watercraft on the
planet. No wonder. CRCA instruction puts people on the water with no
means to get out if they capsize, but don't tell them this, like Bill
Mason and others!

Now it is my duty to inform you that deliberately causing Canadian
citizens to die in the water, with no means of escape (but not telling
them this, like Bill Mason and others), is 2nd degree Murder. What can
you do?

1. Apologize to the Canadian People who have been misled by you.
2. Demand that wearing PFDs and built-in Canoe/Kayak Life Rafts become
law immediately.
3. Apologize to the CBC for using them to mislead the public in
canoe/kayak safety and cause more deaths.
4. Root out any "macho" or otherwise deranged Canadian canoe/kayak
instructor who wants to leave more Canadians dead in the water.
5. Arrange suitable compensation now through your insurer for the
berieved Canadians who have lost sons and daughters, mothers and

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram

See below

Parliament of Canada
Prime Minister and Privy Council
Ontario Provincial Police
Canadian Safe Boating Council
Canadian Recreational Canoe Association
Canadian Canoe Museum
Canadian Coast Guard
CBC Ombudsman
Canadian Canoe Museum
Other Concerned Parties

October 28, 2002

Re: Murdering Canadian Children in Canoes and Kayaks

Warning: Canadian Children and and adults are deliberately murdered in
Canoes and Kayaks. They are endangered by YMCA camp canoe/kayak programs
taught by Ontario Whitewater, and the Canadian
Recreational Canoe Association. They are murdered at a rate over 3 times
the canoe/kayak fatality rate in the US. ("Release No:071-01
Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million
hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type." US Coast Guard.)

In the United States the American Canoe Association is currently under
investigation regarding 1000 canoe/kayak deaths since 1993. This
organization has deliberately lied to the US Coast Guard for ten years
in order to murder this many victims. In Canada during this
time period, about 300 victims have died.

The American Canoe Association accomplishes these serial killings at a
rate now of nearly 10 times the rate of serial killers with guns!
They are only able to kill 20% of their victims on white water.
(Victims are closer to shore and are able to get out of the water
more easily than on lakes and large bodies of water.) The WW
deaths are accomplished by "russian roulette" rituals
until both expert and novice paddlers are finally pinned
underwater. The deaths commonly occur on waters run
by victims before, perhaps many times. Victims are encouraged
to risk-take by a cult mentality that minimizes the real risks.
Fire departments and other rescuers often die in rescue attempts
in swift water. Some WW instructors have quit when they
have realized that they were endangering the kids they coached.

Significantly, in a letter to the Attorney General of Florida, the
ACA stated its' position against any kind of sponson life raft
since 1993, for touring canoes and kayaks. They admitted that they
did not defend use of the dangerous paddlefloat or Eskimo rolls
for kayaks. They admitted they had no means of kayak self-rescue.
They defended no canoe rescues whatsoever. An ACA publication
by C. Walbridge documents the steps taken to set up victims until
they make a mistake, paddling to a slight mis-position for
a quick terror-filled death underwater. The ACA and American
Whitewater death cult rituals appear to use river deaths as a kind of
"sign from God" regarding who deserves to live etc. Forensic
interviews may reveal why Mr. Walbridge repeatedly states
sponson life rafts do not work for WW, although he knows that
they are not designed for that use. The most popular WW kayaks
already have built-in sponsons. Both sit-on-tops and
inflatables. Strangely he insists that touring canoes and kayaks,
killing about 80% of all canoe/kayak victims, who are too far from
shore to swim and get out, also cannot have any kind of built-in sponson life
raft: inflating in 5 seconds by pulling an emergency marked tab,
and providing a boarding platform, as well as self bailing,
(simply by climbing on a sponson until water empties out the
lower side.) In waves of course it is better to simply paddle any
canoe/kayak to shore immediately since the conditions that
flooded the craft in the first place will eventually flood it again.
The sponson canoe/kayak life raft is designed to be paddled
fully flooded to shore immediately.

The above actions have made canoes/kayaks as deadly as
possible, with touring craft killing 4 times the WW numbers,
despite the extreme risk-taking rituals in white water.
Recent U.S. Congressional Testimony: "Canoes and kayaks have
the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of
personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats."

The Canadian Safe Boating Council not only does not insist on laws
requiring PFDs worn on all canoes and kayaks, it deliberately tricks the
public into believing that wearing a PFD somehow results in prompt
rescue by powerboat etc., despite the record showing that PFDs were
worn for most major canoe/kayak child deaths. The CSBC is an accessory, like its'
U.S. counterpart, that operates like an "Enron" advertising corporation:
taking both corporate advertisers and the Canadian Coast Guard as
"members", while deliberately making
canoes/kayaks as deadly as possible, to provide a profitable "raison
d'etre" (high deaths) for the misleading and deadly "safety
advertising". (Canadian Tire and Bombardier: you do not want to
support this program!)

N.B. The CSBC now teaches the public, including children, to put a PFD on in the water. After capsizing a canoe or kayak, these children have no chance for life, chasing a PFD floating away, or lost under a canoe, etc. See references to the Deadly Transport Canada "Put a PFD on in the water program for children" in both appendices to this book. They blame children and adult victims for not wearing a PFD, while teaching them  that putting a PFD on in the water is a safe and reasonable practice too. So they can blame them for their deaths. Diabolical!

Taxpayers eventually paid an out of court settlement to
the families of those 2 brave little kids on
the school trip near Tobermory (who were able to swim some distance
from the sunken tour boat without PFDs), but drowned in the cold water
without the life raft that should have been there, by law. The Canadian
Coast Guard has apparently had a lawless corporate agenda for many
years. Dead people to create profits for advertising dollars, no matter what cost to
society. Talk to the decent Search and Rescue personnel in
Canadian fire departments, police departments etc. and listen to their
frustration over too many canoe/kayak rescues, and the cost, endangering
rescuers too.

It took California a long time to realize Enron was stealing their own
power from them. The Government of Canada is so badly broken now that
the Chretien sycophants, Thibault (Fisheries and Oceans) and Cauchon
(Justice and Attorney-General) have not responded to dozens of
government documents sent to them, including the letter from the
Solicitor General, (perhaps his last before resigning in scandal), sent
to me as well, dated Oct. 16, 2002. It is sick that they will not
protect children at YMCA camps and elementary schools.

The CBC is afflicted too. I shall keep this email simple: CBC journalism
now merely reflects the political reality above. It used to be better.
Attention CBC: Check the CBC archives for Robert Scully's program on
Business. Howard Green brought a CBC camera crew to our house. I was the
"patent attorney" in the log house with the "do it yourself if you want
it done properly" attitude. This program aired sometime in the Spring of
1989. I now have thousands of pages of documentation for court,
regarding about 1,300 canoe/kayak deaths

In Canada the American Canoe Association, the YMCA, Ontario Whitewater,
and the Canadian Recreational Canoe Association have made canoes/kayaks
as deadly as possible. Some canoe designers have actually stated life
rafts are unsafe!

The late Bill Mason, criticized canoe rescues of the above
groups: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind...", (p.126,
Song of the Paddle), in favour of strategic buoyancy. In his earlier
book Path of the Paddle he referred to the 13 dead from St. John's
School on p.177: "No blame can be laid because they assumed help was
coming." The "help" was the canoe over canoe rescue that he concluded
was false, 10 years after C.E.S. Franks, concluded in The Canoe and
White Water, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets
are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy." A year later,
13 (including 1 adult) died on Lake Temiskaming!

Mason's buoyancy rescue concept was a positive moral and intellectual
step. (It was taught at my old YMCA camp 40 years ago.) But it could not
work with unloaded canoes, and it does not work effectively like

The recent book published in collaboration with the Canadian Canoe
Museum, "The Canoe", by John Jennings, refers to both built-in and
removable sponsons, "a device of universal value ..." (p.184). However,
unfortunately, the 1910 "wing nut" version shown is of no practical
value. The GAS powered Sponsons (year 2000) are. They create a Life Raft
with boarding platform, exceeding FAA airliner life raft performance.
Perhaps the book was trying to avoid "controversy". But Canadians
continue to be murdered by canoe and kayak instruction: ACA, OW, YMCA,
CRCA or otherwise.

Canoes and kayaks are the most deadly watercraft by far: they are
extremely vulnerable to flooding, and when they are flooded they are
extremely unstable, as well as extremely tough to pump out in
emergencies (as Bill Mason said.)

The ACA, OW, YMCA, CRCA murder instruction is criminal. My
responsibility as a citizen and canoe/kayak safety authority is to stop
these murders immediately. Accordingly, I am warning these particular

My warnings to Her Excellency, the Coast Guard and the Government of
Canada are a matter of long record:

1. "I think most of you understand that it should be law to wear a PFD
in a small boat, kayak, or canoe. The Canadian Coast Guard has the most
confusing safety regulations possible, with regard to not wearing a

2. "And of course wearing a PFD cannot save lives if people cannot get
out of the water quickly and reliably (i.e. the 5 sec., GAS powered,
built-in, $25 Sponson Life Raft in economies of scale.)"

3. "You are aware below that the Canadian Coast Guard and the Department
of Justice effectively murders Canadians by telling them that they need
only to wear a PFD in a canoe or kayak.

The National Drowning Report 2000 by the Lifesaving Society reports 39%
of dead canoeists were wearing PFDs!"

4. "Ontario has the world record for dead schoolchildren (12), Lake
Temiskaming 1978. This record was almost lost to the John's Island YMCA
camp in 1998 leaving an entire grade six class from Eliott Lake, Ontario
in the water. Only a large boat by chance, a radio, and ambulances
averted further infamy. (Not to forget the Tampa Bay 20, a high school
biology class treated for hypothermia after a large Coast Guard and private
boaters' rescue effort, as a strong runner up.) Dr. James Young,
Chief Ontario Coroner, refused to answer my letter regarding the death
of a child on Thanksgiving Day, 1997 on Lake Rosseau. Camp staff were
able to get the other boy to hospital. All children, in all cases above
were wearing PFDs."

5. "Only an inexpensive, built-in canoe and kayak life raft, inflating
by gas cartridge, has the power to eliminate most deaths. Reliability is
identical to approved inflatable PFDs since the identical components,
oral and gas inflators, are used."

6. "Yesterday afternoon on the CBC radio phone-in program, Mr. Peter
Garapick, Superintendent, Office of Boating Safety, Canadian Coast
Guard, provided further evidence against the Canadian Coast Guard.

Mr. Garapick, without qualification, stated that "only 5 or 6 of about
165 boating deaths a year would occur if everyone wore a PFD." This is a
blatant lie.

Twelve (12) children died in PFDs in Lake Temiskaming. They were able to
execute all of the rescues they had practised. But they just recapsized
since there was no emergency stability (built -in $25 Life Raft.) Eight
hundred (800) have died in Canadian Canoes and Kayaks since."

7. "Canoe/kayak serial killers are allowed to insert themselves within
Canadian society and strike Canadians dead without warning. They kill at
a rate of ten (10) times the rate of serial killers without the canoe
and kayak modis operandi.

These killers are cruel and without remorse, trampling on the graves of
800 Canadians who simply made the fatal mistake of canoeing or kayaking,
almost all of whom died in the water because they were denied an
inexpensive ($25), built-in Life Raft to get out. The sailors in 2 World
Wars had both Life Rafts and PFDs or life jackets. (Sailors on the
Bismark had inflatable Life Jackets so they would not be imperilled
while at action stations, or running to abandon ship through narrow

Without the Life Rafts they were soon just as dead as they would be
without a PFD, even in tropical waters. (See the tiny Life Rafts needed
by fighter pilots.) Fighter aircraft usually carried the recommended
knives in the cockpit to deflate these life rafts if accidentally inflated in
combat, as occasionally happened.

The senior government lawyer, Mr. Cote, and his superior Mr. Cauchon,
Attorney General, deliberately counsel the murder of Canadians. This
matter must be brought to court as quickly as possible. The RCMP are not

Four dead Canadian civilians in canoes are just as important as 4 dead
Canadian Soldiers! Her Excellency the Governor General Does not want any
more Dead in Canoes and Kayaks, to award the Medal for Bravery

8. "Your Excellency:
Re: Canadian Canoe and Kayak Deaths
You reminded Canadians that you could intervene in a non-political
manner with bureaucracy, in a CBC radio interview that was broadcast
from Newfoundland July 6, 2002. You awarded Nicholas Mark Seltzer your
Governor's General Medal of Bravery in 1999 posthumously, in a kayaking
accident that claimed 2 lives.

About 800 Canadians have died in kayaks and canoes since 12 children
died on Lake Temiskaming in 1978. Then the 12 victims had practised
"rescues", but rescues cannot depend on practice. They must work
regardless, like wearing a PFD. If victims don't get out of the water
they die, even wearing a PFD.

Your 2 kayaking deaths involved the use of 4 kayaks made by Current
Designs in Victoria, B.C. A Search and Rescue Officer from the Canadian
Coast Guard visited this company in August 1994 and found that
instructors there were very impressed with the idea of creating a life
raft out of a capsized and fully flooded canoe or kayak by using
sponsons. (This reflected the same findings of the US Special Forces
Military Kayakers.)

However, the owner of Current Designs told the Officer that Life Raft
Sponsons "prevented rescue". The Canadian Coast Guard also prevented
this report from reaching the public. Hundreds of Canadians have died
since then.

As you can see, it is plain and obvious that canoes and kayaks are the
most vulnerable watercraft and they have by far the highest rate of

(Over 3 times the US death rate: "USCG Release No:071-01 ...Canoes and
kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of
exposure .42 as any other boat type.")

9. "The Canadian Coast Guard's Office of Boating Safety has deliberately
prevented Canadians from having a canoe and kayak Life Raft since 1994:
For example, a $25 built-in Life Raft, created by two tiny gas
canisters, each fitted to one side of a canoe or kayak and inflating in
5 seconds.

You may ask: "Why would they do this? This is not rational. Why would
they mislead Canadians by saying that there are all sorts of canoe and
kayaks rescues, that in fact are so difficult to perform and are so
unreliable, even in a swimming pool, that only a fool or a criminal
would entrust such trickery with human life.

In contrast, the Life Raft is the World Standard for Marine Safety. The
Canoe and Kayak Life Raft Uses identical technology and materials as the
already approved Coast Guard inflatable PFDs: Having the identical gas
cartridge inflator and oral inflator for backup.

The canoe and kayak Life Raft utilizes weight of the flooded interior of
the craft as ballast since capsized canoes and kayaks are inevitably
flooded; and without protection against flooding or reflooding otherwise
in emergencies, canoes and kayaks are death traps.

This ballast stability, coupled with the sponsons far exceeds the
overall stability of 2 man Life Rafts that have carried people
successfully through thousands of miles of stormy seas in the Pacific
ocean. The flooded interiors make superior boarding platforms to the
boarding platforms of contemporary Life Rafts approved for airliner use.

(Of course this stability permits pumping out of the interior too.
However, in most emergencies canoes and kayaks are prone to reflooding.
Better not to waste energy on pumping, even if a pump is available; but
paddle immediately to safety to escape the hypothermia-inducing
situation, warming the body in the process.)

Best of all the canoe and kayak Life Raft can be easily paddled to shore
even fully flooded. Flooded canoes and kayaks do not necessarily mean
death for recipients of the Governor's General Medal For Bravery.

This victim's family, and the families of 800 Canadians are mocked by
government actions that make canoes and kayaks as dangerous as possible.
The deaths of their loved ones, instead of stimulating Canadian society
to lead the world in canoe and kayak safety, are thrown away.

I have attempted to persuade the Canadian Coast Guard to respect the
sacrifices of 800 Canadians in marking both the inherent dangers and the
ethical safety practices needed for canoes and kayaks. For many years I
used very diplomatic language.

I hope, Your Excellency, that you are able to persuade the government to
act immediately to save lives. If not, perhaps you can initiate an
investigation by the RCMP."

10. "The family of your recipient of the Medal for Bravery would feel
much better if his death can lead to real safety for kayaks and canoes.
Most citizens, including Your Excellency, might otherwise think that
this death, however brave, is this person's own fault."

11. "The public mistakenly assumes that the Coast Guard would not set
them up for dying in a canoe or kayak, just like Nicholas Mark Seltzer.

The Canadian Coast Guard enforces safety that the American Canoe
Association (ACA) and The British Canoe Union, both condemn. The ACA
letter to the Attorney General of Florida, June 2001, did not defend
against my charges of misleading safety regarding paddlefloat rescues
(actually making capsized craft less stable than before capsize), nor
against expecting all people to Eskimo roll (the Greenland Rolling
Championships use a large rescue boat due to the large numbers of world
champions who are unable to rescue themselves, SeaKayaker Magazine, Feb.
2001, p.41). "

12. "Instead, the ACA recommended the same assisted rescue techniques
that murdered 4 schoolchildren in the UK in 1994, (resulting in
convictions for manslaughter.) Capt. Thompson of the UK Coast Guard
(MSA) contacted me during huge media outcry in the UK, on the advice of
BCU author Mr. D Hutchinson, who stated that the safety advantages of
Life Raft canoe and kayak sponsons were "obvious" in one of his many
books. I discussed this matter with Mr. Rouncevelle USCG and Ms. K.
Sandiford, CCG in 1994.

In 1998 a Grade 6 school class from Elliott Lake, Ontario almost died
under the supervision of the YMCA camp at St. John's Island in the North
Channel. The chance cruise of a motorboat, large enough to get the kids
out of those deadly cold waters immediately, plus able to radio ahead
for 3 ambulances to treat all for hypothermia at the nearest road,
prevented a New World Record for Canoe and Kayak Deaths that is still
Held by the Temiskaming Tragedy. Usually the deaths are not widely
known, like the student of a Sports Camp on Lake Rosseau, Ontario,
Thankgiving Day, 1997.

This brave child died in the water while wearing a PFD. The 2 staff were
able to get the other child to Parry Sound General Hospital for
treatment of hypothermia."

13. "All of this information is in the public domain. And it is fitting
to point out where dedication to canoe and kayak safety can lead. Canoes
and kayaks can offer great benefits to society: Embracing wilderness
skills, natural history, navigation, ecology, the-list-is-endless. Once
canoes and kayaks are safe enough. Canada is the world centre for
canoeing and kayaking, historically. This is an outstanding legacy
throughout the world!

I would like canoes and kayaks to be included in a school curriculum. A
grade 6 class can easily calculate the force of buoyancy needed to
oppose any capsizing force (calculated centre of gravity of canoe or
kayak) to protect against capsizes, or recapsizes (that mark so many
brave and desperate struggles against death.) Recently CBC radio June
21, 2002 "Ontario Today" broadcast a program on canoes and kayaks that
indicated the "expert" and host could not pass a simple grade 6 test for

The Canadian instructor on CBC proudly claimed to have taught an elderly
man to use a paddlefloat if capsized in waves on Lake Superior. The instruction
was carried out in calm water. Most authors now state this man will die
if he can't roll, since the paddlefloat won't work. He will likely die
if he can roll however, unless a rescue powerboat arrives in time. Most
authors state rolls are unreliable too.

CBC ombudsman take note of this deliberate endangerment of citizens!

14. "Keep in mind how many families are in grief when you address Mr
Chretien and his ministers. The 800 victims represent a considerable
force of public opinion. If the PM and others attempt to "slow walk"
you, Your Excellency, bluntly ask them: "Why would you deny people an
inexpensive, built-in Canoe and Kayak Life Raft and leave them to die in
the water?"

You will have to repeat this, perhaps several times. Eventually they
will find the right answer: "Life Rafts are the world-standard safety
device for any marine emergency, but especially so for canoes and
kayaks! There is not much boat for residual stability and safety to
begin with!"

Do not give up! They may be resistant to reason and may even petulantly
state that they are entitled to continue the murder policy of the
Canadian Coast Guard.

Remember that they are only further proving my point that they are
identical in behavior and motive to serial killers. This is plain and
obvious to most judges and courts in the world. Eventually they will
understand their own position. (I believe most of them know this now but
are behaving identically to serial killers, hoping all will blow over
and they can continue to kill.)

You must be patient and persistent. But the outcome is worth it. Your
Medal for Bravery is a great means to encourage the best from Canadian
Society. In this case you can make an even greater contribution to
society, the memory of Nicholas Mark Seltzer, his loved ones, as well as
the 800 other dead Canadians and their loved ones."

In closing I would also warn Kanawa Magazine that at least one of your
contributors is recommending the canoe over canoe rescue that Bill Mason
had the moral and intellectual courage to condemn, after the deaths of
the 12 children on Lake Temiskaming.

Correct this immediately please! I await your reply, as I work toward
the legal interests of these murdered Canadians, and their grieving
families. Canoe/kayak instructors who endanger victims, and kill them,
apparently enjoy the attention, power and status as instructors. They
enjoy this attention and status so much that they will kill for it, like
any serial killers.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram 705-549-3722

You will note the continuity of some facts in these emails, (there were hundreds of  emails sent out similar to these), plus some variation in facts presented in succeeding emails. Again the point is to enforce a comprehensive statement of evidence and culpability, that cannot be denied through manipulation of the context, for example.  This entire book embraces this point, although the fundamental theme is very simple: A scandalous and deliberate killing of the public in very large numbers, considering how relatively tiny the canoe and kayak industry is. And of course the Agonizing Deaths, Dying in Terror, Fearful that you will never see your loved ones again.

And 7 months after I wrote the above, to all parties, the Girl Guides died horrible deaths.

Context is everything. Consider for example the high standards of safety expected from cars and aircraft. But there is no canoe and kayak safety standard, despite a much higher death rate in exposure hours than cars or aircraft. In fact there is a deliberate program to make canoes and kayaks as dangerous as possible, to make money for the canoe and kayak instructors.

I heard from Mr. Cote, senior legal counsel for the Canadian Coast Guard, who described my points as "frivolous". He, all members of  Parliament, etc. received this email:

Canadian Coast Guard-DFO Murder Program, Department of Justice, Canada

May 10, 2002

Francois B. Cote
Senior General Counsel
Fisheries and Oceans
200 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0E6

Dear Mr. Cote:

Re: Coast Guard PFD Sponsons, CCG Murder Program

Your letter of May 1, 2002 has several errors. First of all there has been no correspondence with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). No reply until your letter! Mr. Churchill, Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), sent one email of about 5 sentences stating there would be no correspondence, only "no comment." This is not "correspondence".

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) apparently now want no interference with their program to murder as many Canadians as possible in kayaks and canoes. This is an effective program, causing over 3 times as many deaths in Canada, compared to the US. ("USCG Release No:071-01 ...Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type.")

If you read the latest emails to the DFO and CCG you will see that they are doing everything possible to ensure that most victims die in the water. They drown after suffering hypothermia, wearing a PFD or not. This is about 300 Canadian victims in the past 10 years. Kids, sons and daughters, husbands and wives. They die in the water because they cannot get out of the water!

The DFO and CCG deliberately murder Canadians by asserting that canoe and kayak rescues exist. In fact there are no rescues. There are "tricks" that are sold to the public fraudulently and murderously, that are called "rescues". But these "rescues" instead demonstrate how capsized canoes and kayaks prevent victims from getting out of cold water, prevent them from staying out of cold water, and then prevent them from paddling to safety on shore.

This is quite obvious! Obvious to almost anyone reading this. And certainly obvious to any judge and jury. You don't even need to get the judge wet!

The DFO and CCG-endorsed "murder rescue con" is simple. Each rescue is supposed to back up the dubious rescue that just failed. This is a "shell-game con", effective criminal fraud whether taking money or lives.

Canoes and kayaks require a built-in LIFE RAFT, created by Coast Guard PFD Sponsons. So-called because they resemble the Inflatable PFDs carried in a small belt pouches, by Coast Guard personnel:

"Gas powered floats or "sponsons", stowed in tiny canisters etc., each marked "rescue emergency", on each side of a kayak or canoe, have been invented for nearly 2 years. Pull a cord for 5 second inflation, like modern life rafts.

This concept is as reliable as the latest FAA airliner type LIFE RAFTS for both escape from water and inflation. (Technology and materials are identical to those in USCG approved inflatable PFDs.) And it adds about $45 US to the manfacturers' cost of each canoe or kayak, in economies of scale."

I welcome positive correspondence with the Canadian Coast Guard and The Department of Fisheries and Oceans. I am certain many people wish to amend this tragic piece of Canadian Boating History. It is simple to fix.

Thank you for conveying these facts to them:

1. First of all, about 2 years ago I advised the Canadian Coast Guard officials about their misplaced trust in the "shell-game con" practised by canoe and kayak special interest groups. I pointed out "gas cartridge sponsons" as the best "Life Raft Safety". Life Rafts are the world-standard safety device for any marine emergency, but especially so for canoes and kayaks! There is not much boat for residual stability and safety to begin with!

Of course the simplest and most stable Life Rafts are the best. And the "Coast Guard PFD Sponsons" create the best life raft for canoes and kayaks (US patent 6,343,562, Canadian patent pending).

In economies of scale, Coast Guard PFD Sponsons are very inexpensive: about $25 US.

2. The CCG-DFO murder program kills Canadians on guided trips. Canoe and kayak rentals kill them. Canadian citizens borrowing canoes and kayaks are killed. YMCA programs nearly kill dozens of schoolchildren at once (Elliott Lake, Ontario.) A 16 year old by was killed north of Toronto, Thanksgiving Day 1997. (The other boy was treated for hypothermia in hospital at Parry Sound, Ontario.) There were 12 students killed at once in Ontario, 1978. There is no comprehensive safety for canoes and kayaks without a built-in life raft!

The CCG-DFO program ensures that Canadians are killed, by preventing Built-in Emergency Rescue (Life Raft) for all canoes and kayaks.

3. The CCG-DFO not only murders innocent people, but prevents ethical commercial operators from providing the best safety possible (built-in Life Raft.)

4. The CCG-DFO prevents the Creation of a canoe and kayak education program for society: embracing wilderness skills, natural history, navigation, ecology, the-list-is-endless. Once canoes and kayaks are safe enough. This is sad in Canada, the world centre for canoeing and kayaking, historically.

5. I am willing to recognize that the CCG-DFO is now embarrassed by the obvious scandal and I will help them to correct this as quickly as possible.

6. This issue will not go away. As I have explained to the CCG-DFO many times, the longer this scandal ensues, and the longer the paper trail, the more untenable their murder policy becomes. A Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Officer in Victoria, B.C. checked out instructors at a local company using sponsons in August 1994.

They were reporting far superior results in Victoria, just as the US Special Forces Military Kayakers attached to the 10th Airborne had reported in a study at the same time. (These were not even the gas cartridge sponsons invented 2 years ago. Any sponson concept creates a life raft out of any kayak or canoe. Any life raft is better than none, but the best life raft is described above in reference to gas cartridge sponsons.) I don't think you want to reveal this information in court since about 300 Canadians have died since Canadian Search and Rescue Officer's investigation.

Finally, Mr Cote, some points for you, as "Senior Legal Counsel" to the DFO-CCG:

1. You are a civil servant and you have a duty to the Canadian public. They are used to goverments cheating them, but they are not tolerant of government murder programs. They quickly understand the life raft concept. They want to know why you, a lawyer, and the DFO-CCG, deliberately murder people by denying them a simple and inexpensive life raft. So the Canadian Public now expects you to argue fervently for Public Safety.

2. The tone of your letter seems to suggest that you have been counselling the DFO-CCG that their murder program is OK. Bad idea. Murder in the 2nd degree is death after deliberate endangerment. Not only do you have about 300 cases in Canada, but you apparently blame the victims for their own deaths! (You seem to think they should have had more "murder rescue" instruction", causing their own deaths for which they are blamed.) You and the DFO-CCG apparently show no remorse!

Recently a lawyer in California was convicted of 2nd degree murder after blaming the victim for being torn apart by 2 large and vicious dogs. No remorse. See the pattern? Deliberate endangerment, death, blame victims, no remorse.

You and the DFO-CCG have not just continued to kill people in kayaks and canoes. You have deliberately prevented them from having a life raft. Almost all deaths are in the water and result from hypothermia. If you allow Canadians to get out of the water, they cannot die in the water.

3. What is the motive? My information regarding this murder program can fill a large book. However, without going into criminology and social psychology, let's just say that there are Favours to Special Interest Groups at the DFO-CCG.

See ties to the National Safe Boating Council, on the record against "life raft safety", and its' Canadian chapter. Lobby groups like the American Canoe Association and other canoe and kayak special interest groups in Canada lose their current (murderous) instruction programs when inexpensive, built-in LIFE RAFTS are adopted, and victims are not left to die in the water. The "sacrificial lambs" in canoes and kayaks generate money for the large (murderous) "safety instruction" industry, although all Coast Guard and lifesaving organizations recognize that saving lives really means getting victims out of the water.

It is not a pretty story, just like school kids slowly dying in the water, terribly afraid, and wondering if they will see their family again.

4. Mr. Cote, you are part of Canada's Department of Justice, according to your letterhead! Instead of supporting the Canadian Coast Guard/DFO Murder program you can help all of Canada, and the Department of Justice. Your quick action, and the Department of Justice can prove to Canadians that you do not tolerate murder, even for profit by special interest groups favoured by the CCG-DFO. This looks good.

a) You only have to ask anyone at the DFO-CCG: "Why would you deny people an inexpensive, built-in Canoe and Kayak Life Raft and leave them to die in the water?" They may appear to be stupid, but they are extremely unlikely to want any judge and jury to try their approved "Murder Rescue Instruction" instead. Most will say: "Life Rafts are the world-standard safety device for any marine emergency, but especially so for canoes and kayaks! There is not much boat for residual stability and safety to begin with!"
(Most of the people at the Safety Boating Council and the Instruction Industry will say "Life Raft" when cornered by the same question.) Most people will not admit to murdering for profit.

b) The DFO-CCG Murder program has about 300 Canadian dead, instead of canoe and kayak Life Raft Safety, after 10 years of "murder rescue instruction" in Canada. This is the lagest murder scandal in the history of Canada. So you will have to prosecute any Hardcore Murderers who show no remorse, and no enthusiasm for canoe and kayak Life Rafts. Just be fair. Some of these people may be psychotic.

c) We can start today to monitor the quick process of Canadian Justice by the Department of Justice in Canada. "It is not a pretty story, just like school kids slowly dying in the water, terribly afraid, and wondering if they will see their family again." But Parliament, the media, and all Canadians can now share in the good news.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram

phone/fax 705-549-3722

CC: ChurchillJ@DFO-MPO.GC.CA
        Canadian Members of Parliament and many other concerned parties.

A year later, Cote and Churchill murdered the 2, eleven year old Girl Guides. No wonder many Canadians hate their government in Ottawa!

See Chapter 4: "Ontario Coroner's Office, Two Eleven-Year-Old Girl Guides Killed" to see the on-going tragedy of this murder program. In Chapter 4 you will see the education of  Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice, Canada and Attorney General, Canada. The Honourable Mr. Cotler replaced Martin Cauchon as Justice Minister. Mr. Cauchon was arrogant and useless regarding this matter, as was the entire Liberal majority government under Mr. Chretien, the former Canadian Prime Minister.

Now the Liberal party is a minority government which makes it more difficult for them to be arrogant. Most of the Canadian public voted for them only because the other choice was worse. I shall probably have an easier time with Mr. Cotler, who may be a more decent politician and human being, as well.


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