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Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 Canadian and American Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993

Tim Ingram

Copyright 2006, Tim Ingram
All rights reserved.
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Introduction: New Lives Saved

              Chapter 1: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, US Governmental Affairs (

Chapter 2: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, Canadian Governmental Affairs

Chapter 3: Fundamental Lifesaving Error in Rescue Safety of Canoes and Kayaks, No Level Flotation Standard: Responsible for Thousands of Deaths Since 1978

 Chapter 4. Recognition by All Major Authors of The Simple Facts of Human Life Saving and Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety

Chapter 5: Criminal Fraud in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety

Chapter 6: Blaming Victims for Their Own Deaths Through Degrading Propaganda

Chapter 7: The Milgram Studies and Criminal Rescue Safety

Chapter 8: Legal Developments in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety

Chapter 9: Ongoing Reckless Endangerment and Death in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. The Intent.

Conclusion of Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety

Appendix: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. Canada:

Appendix2: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. America:

Supplementary OPP Appendix:

RCMP Zaccardelli File

New Book:
The Minnesota Canoe Murders

Introduction: New Lives Saved

This is a disturbing book. The subject is human lifesaving in canoes and kayaks. And over 1,500 deaths in Canada and the United States. Canada has over 3 times the death rate of the United States. Canoes and kayaks are obviously the most vulnerable and deadly boats known. They are also involved in the most deadly lifesaving scandal in maritime history. (See "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans: US Coast Guard Studies Device to Save Victims" Copy and Paste this Title into browser, for information regarding this published book.) The death rate is by far the highest death rate of any activity in exposure hours (including driving cars), in both the United States and Canada.

N.B. I want you to bear in mind, at the beginning of any chapter in this book, and always, the wilful and reckless endangerment of human life for profit using DEGRADING PROPAGANDA;

Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls, Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor.
Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one); and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy. These facts are obvious. But also obvious is the power of  Degrading Propaganda to blame any identifiable group for their own deaths; used throughout history to achieve the ruthless ends of special interest groups. This term had special meaning at the Nuremberg Trials. And it has special legal meaning in current anti-hate laws within the United States and Canada.

Some people who may appear here to be villains may also be victims of the power of  Degrading Propaganda too. But some are sadistic. The purpose of this online book is to stop these crimes as quickly as possible.

There are many canoe and kayak instructors who want the safest possible canoes and kayaks; so anyone without previous experience (or fraudulent instruction that denies them any means to get out of the deadly waters), can easily save themselves, like any 10 year old girls in the pictures throughout this book. This is fail-safe and fool-proof rescue safety.

The psychological power of degrading propaganda must not be underestimated. It permits many terrible human tragedies, including torture and war; quite apart from the agonizing deaths here. These victims died in pain and terror, fearful of never seeing their loved ones again. Drowning has been used for centuries as a torture method. It was very popular with the Gestapo, for example. It is very effective if the victim is allowed to gasp a breath of air just before death. This experience is very painful and victims usually choose to be allowed to breathe, rather than go underwater again. Of course, in this book they are not allowed to live: 1,500 innocent American and Canadian citizens. There is considerable motive for political cover-up in both countries!

Canoes and kayaks have always had the largest drowning death numbers, despite PFD use by 30-35% of dead victims since year 2000, in the United States. (US Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database, BARD). "A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats." (Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S.)

US Coast Guard report 071-01: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type". This USCG figure may be far too low, considering the death statistics of the Ford/Firestone scandal, over a decade, with many more vehicles, many more use/hours daily, and only 200 deaths.

The human body loses body heat in water at a rate that is 25 times the rate of body heat loss in air. The rate of heat loss is much higher than 25 times if the water is moving around the body. In other words, if the water is not perfectly calm but is moving by even small amounts of current or small waves. Also, the top thermal layer of  "warm" water, even in the hottest days of Summer, does not extend far into waters that are deeper than one's own height. There are a multitude of books detailing the varying of water temperatures, from "warm" to "hypothermic" within a short period of time, including Doug Stanton's "In Harms Way": The tragic sinking of the heavy cruiser "USS Indianapolis", the worst naval disaster at sea in U.S. history, July 30, 1945.

This is why death occurs so quickly in water. Hypothermia effects not only quickly cause the human mind to become impaired in judgment, but muscles are quickly affected. It is impossible to use hands and limbs normally after only a small lowering in body temperature.

The human body continues to lose heat if the victim does not quickly get out of the water. After the extremities lose heat, the body core becomes affected. The human heart will beat irregularly and eventually cannot sustain life. All of this happens very quickly. It is easy to search the Internet regarding hypothermia. All waters in North America kill quickly. Even waters in Florida kill quickly, where so many canoe and kayak victims die. Usually the victim dies of drowning, when the head can no longer be held out of the water, the victim weakened by hypothermia, despite the victim wearing a PFD. Recently 2 eleven-year-old Girl Guides died of hypothermia only because the PFDs worn over their clothing held their faces out of the water. (Otherwise they would have drowned since they became unconscious fairly quickly after suffering from hypothermia.) And on February 26, 2005, two young schoolboys died in nearly identical circumstances near Suwannee, Florida.  North American waters induce drowning from hypothermia effects quite quickly, even in the hottest days of the summer, since the water is so effective at lowering body temperature to fatal levels.

It is ridiculously easy to get victims out of the water so they can't die. Canoes and kayaks equipped with airbag sponsons are actually used by some Coast Guard and Lifesaving organizations around the world as rescue craft, to save the lives of kayakers and canoeists who have capsized. But canoe and kayak organizations are allowed to murder children for the profits of fraudulent instruction!

Even a member of the American Canoe Association's Hall of Fame, in the recent (2005) book "Expedition Canoeing" states: "The canoe-over-canoe rescue touted by the Red Cross and Boy Scouts is generally impossible to perform in a running sea. Far better to forget about the swamped canoe and gear and put your efforts into rescuing the paddlers" (p.202, Cliff Jacobson.) However most other authors point out that getting victims out of the water usually capsizes the rescuing canoes if they don't have stabilizing sponsons!  See the school canoeing and kayaking tragedies: Lyme Bay, Temiskaming, Darlington School, Balsam Lake, Camp McDougall, for a total of 32 dead children, dying in terror! About 20 American and Canadian children die agonizing deaths every year, according to USCG and Red Cross databases.

It is ridiculous to suggest that victims should wear expensive wetsuits and dry suits in case they fall in the water, since these victims risk dying of heatstroke (hyperthermia) while paddling in warm air! And if they don't suffer heatstroke they will be very uncomfortable. Most people won't spend hundreds of dollars to be this uncomfortable, especially when this cannot save their lives.  If they do not get out of the water they will die anyway; although the agony of waiting for some rescuer to find them will be prolonged. Hands will soon lose a  grip on the capsized canoe or kayak, making a body floating alone in a PFD almost impossible to spot from a moving boat. Dr. Warren Gould and his friend from boyhood Marty Dismukes died in the realtively warm waters near Pensacola, Florida tied together, to increase the chances of being spotted in time.

Some Coast Guard Rescue organizations and Lifesaving organizations around the world now use the most popular, short (about 10 feet long) "recreational" kayaks, with sponsons. These short kayaks have big cockpits that are awash during rescues, to provide neutral buoyancy ballast for greater stability. The flooded cockpit couples with the sponsons' buoyancy to provide much more stability than sponsons alone.

Years ago lifesavers used "sit-on-top" kayaks with built-in sponsons to get into rocky spots where normal Coast Guard Rescue Zodiacs could not go. (Nor helicopters with awkward slings, even if they were much more plentiful and able to arrive in time, since they risk crashing into cliffs, and risk losing rescue swimmers even if cliffs are not present.) However these "sit-on-top" kayaks do not have the stability of the short "recreational" kayaks, since there is no flooded cockpit to provide water ballast stability coupled with the sponsons. The "recreational" kayaks are much lower in the water too, making it much easier to clip victims to fore and aft decks. These kayaks are just a modern and much more effective means to save lives than the old surf boards or paddle boards that lifeguards used to rescue drowning victims years ago. (They only cost $500 fully equipped to save lives.) Obviously a paddle is a much more powerful means of propulsion, and the sponsoned kayak with water ballast is much more stable and effective at rescuing victims from the water.

The sponsoned recreational kayaks are carried in the Zodiacs. They rescue dying paddlers by by quickly attaching them to the flooded recreational kayak. Then they paddle back to the Zodiac, without risk of wrecking a Zodiac on the rocks. Pretty simple and inexpensive. Why not equip all canoes and kayaks with $25 US Coast Guard CO2 Sponsons at the factory - for a self-rescue Level Flotation Standard - US law for all small boats for nearly 3 decades? Less expensive than leaving victims in the water to die. Blame the lobbying of the American Canoe Association.

All modern countries have a Level Flotation Law for small boats under 20 feet long.

If you type "Level Flotation Standard" into Google, you will find within the Office of Boating Safety, Transport Canada website: "44. While floating in calm, clear water, the boat shall not list more than 30° with the weight redistributed."

You will eventually find the same law in Australia and the United States, for example:
USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978  "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue."

So, you see, about 30 years ago the US Coast Guard realized that victims in the water needed to get out immmediately or they would soon die of hypothermia effects, even wearing a PFD. The Nuremberg Trials prosecuted 80 "cold water experiments" that were performed at Dachau and Auschwitz, among other places where medical experiments were conducted in Nazi Germany. The Luftwaffe were losing so many pilots in the water during the Battle of Britain that they conducted these very cruel "cold water experiments" to find out how to save these pilots. They soon started equipping aircraft with CO2 inflatable life rafts. And then, they stopped torturing people to death in cold water: only 80 prosecutions. (Google these experiments.) Spitfires and Hurricanes already had tiny inflatable life rafts in the cockpit. Same in the Pacific after Pearl Harbour, aboard American warplanes. This concept is very simple and universal, otherwise the victims will quickly die of hypothermia effects.

The amazing thing is that the most vulnerable craft to capsize, canoes and kayaks, were granted "safety exemptions" from the "safe platform", described in USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978 under pressure by the canoe and kayak industry. You can read about this in the Preface to this book, on the US Coast Guard Website. Here is the link again:      (Please Copy and Paste into your Browser if these Links are not "Live")

NB: This USCG Study totally mis-states the findings of the US Military Special Forces Study, 10th Airborne from Fort Devens, Massachusetts: "basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities"...etc.,

Why lie and kill 1,500 innocent North American citizens, since 1993? This is the power and horror of a lobby group: The American Canoe Association. This only works with a generous amount of Washington stupidity, irresponsibility and incompetence.

See below the pictures of canoes and kayaks with sponsons that are used to rescue other victims in the water who are not the original paddlers of canoes and kayaks. Even very young children can paddle such rescue craft while fully flooded, standing up. No previous experience or training, as any rescue safety should be.

Multiple adult victims can easily crawl into the canoe at once, since it is so low in the water. The little children can propel the craft at 2 knots while standing, although it weighs well over a ton with the water inside. (Normally they would sit on the seats, but these pictures demonstrate maximum stability as well as maximum flooding.)

The weight makes the canoe very steady in large waves due to the large amount of neutral buoyancy ballast aboard. And most of this water can be spilled out simply by leaning on one sponson! (Sponsons on open canoes are normally set equally and lower than shown. In these pictures, the only way to completely flood the canoe was by setting one sponson very high, so one gunwale was always underwater.)

Some of these facts are elaborated in "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans: US Coast Guard Studies Device to Save Victims" by Tim Ingram. 2003. ISBN 1-4107-4568-6. Just type the title into the GOOGLE search box and you will see this book at all of the major online bookstores around the world.

This latest book that you are reading here however, is written 3 years later. This book has discovered facts that were only briefly touched on in the earlier book. The facts that are most disturbing are the deliberate acts of leaving innocent victims to die in the waters of the United States and Canada, with no means to escape death by hypothermia.

See the image of  two young girls below, 7 and 10 years of age, paddling toward the camera in a totally flooded open canoe. One of the CO2 sponsons is deliberately set higher, improperly, to allow total flooding. If both sponsons were set properly, like the lower sponson in the photo, much of the water would flow out of the canoe. It is normally impossible to contain this much water inside a canoe or kayak with sponsons. Almost all water is easily emptied by simply leaning on one sponson to spill it out!
Some canoe instruction actually states that it is possible to paddle a fully flooded canoe (or kayak) to shore! I have thousands of documents of evidence regarding this.



You might think that the North American canoe and kayak industry would want to increase sales with real safety. Or even advertise canoes and kayaks as lifesaving boats! To say nothing of preventing hundreds of deaths annually, around the world. No. They do not want rescue safety.

The industry wants the most dangerous kayaks and canoes possible, in order to create a market for dozens of fraudulent rescues that have killed thousands in the United States and Canada. The money is in the instruction, not one-time sales!
Instructors are the "salespersons" for this fraudulent industry, i.e. this kayak, canoe is "really good" etc. The details of these actions are contained within this book. Lawsuits in Canada and the United States usually gain a berieved family only several hundred thousand dollars per death. This is a small sum for insurers to pay out. Families are usually so devastated by the deaths that lawsuits are fairly rare anyway. Families are also reluctant to expose the memories of their loved one to accusations that the death was the fault of the victim. They may be accused of "not enough practice", although no amount of practice is enough for such unreliable "rescues". Also, families are usually forced to "keep quiet" about any out-of-court settlement as a condition of payment. A word here about "practice":

If you think about it intelligently, anything that requires "practice" to save human lives is a sham. It is not a "rescue". Rescue simply works to get victims out of the water unconditionally. Otherwise human lives are needlessly risked and lost in huge numbers. Over 1,500 deaths in North America are attributable to this "sham", that is also a "scam", as documented in  "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans: US Coast Guard Studies Device to Save Victims". The Level Flotation Standard has been law for small boats for nearly 30 years, to provide a rescue platform. (Canoes and Kayaks have been excluded from this law by fraudulent US Coast Guard "safety exemptions", that are further discussed in this book.)

The book on the Lake Temiskaming Tragedy, "Deep Waters" by James Raffan, (2002) specifically mentions "sponsons" (p.108), with regard to sponsons not being available to save 11 boys' lives in the Balsam Lake Tragedy.

But it neglects to mention that Bill Mason - the famous Canadian canoeist - condemned "canoe rescues" in his well-known book "Song of the Paddle",1988, p.126, after the 13 death Lake Temiskaming Tragedy in 1978: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." In fact J. Raffan's "Deep Waters" documents that even the most time-consuming and detailed instruction cannot make safe canoe trips possible, as in the 13 death Lake Temiskaming tragedy. The only survivors swam to shore after seeing the "canoe rescues" did not work. The rest died in the water of hypothermia effects while wearing PFDs. Soon they could not keep heads out of the water, weakened by hypothermia, and they drowned.

Kayak "rescues" are just as deadly, as this book proves in later chapters. There were 23 canoe deaths in Canada 2004, and 3 kayak deaths. Kayaks are increasing in the death numbers, but generally they are less prone to capsize and flooding than canoes. They are decked to prevent less flooding than canoes. And the paddler sits lower, in a lower craft that is less vulnerable to winds that can quickly begin on any waters. Old nautical saying: "If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes."  But any sprayskirt problems and the kayak will flood to become just as deadly. In fact sprayskirt entrapment is a deadly risk in itself: "Lorne...tried desperately...He tried pushing himself out with his arms...but it was as if bungie cords kept pulling him back into the seat. A strong man, he pushed with his legs but could not counter the hold of the sprayskirt..." (Sea Kayaker Magazine, April 2003, p.49). And kayaks cannot be pumped out, despite the rescue instruction scams instructions: Sea Kayaker Magazine, February, 2003, p.29)

Below is a picture of the 1987 sponsons (not the self-inflating CO2 gas sponsons), on a canoe. The 1987 sponsons have about half the buoyant force of the CO2 sponsons, since they have half of the volume. One more obvious point: The "ton of water" cannot sink this canoe to the bottom of the sea because water has "neutral buoyancy". However a ton of rock could sink the canoe to the bottom permanently, since rock "sinks like a stone", to use the old phrase. This is an simple point that is often overlooked by some enthusiastic canoe and kayak "experts" when they discuss ballast concepts. Any craft so prone to flooding as a canoe or kayak should never use ballast other than water. Water is plenty heavy enough. The canoe or kayak must always have strategically-placed positive flotation, as in the Level Flotation Standard, to provide a rescue platform; as required by law for all small boats for nearly 30 years. (It should be mentioned again: Canoes and Kayaks have been excluded from this law by fraudulent US Coast Guard and Transport Canada "safety exemptions", that are further discussed in this book.)

Just for comparison, check out the original 1987 sponsons on a typical sea kayak that was popular at that time.

But the $25 CO2 sponsons are much more powerful and require no training or experience:

This is a typical Coast Guard Rescue Zodiac below. US Coast Guard Zodiacs and Canadian Coast Guard Zodiacs have different markings but they are essentially the same boat. These powerboats have large air sponsons in order to accomplish for powerboats what sponsons do for canoes and kayaks. The Rescue Zodiacs have enormous secondary or final stability, resisting capsize at much greater angles of heel than any other type of open powerboat. They are also light and fast. You will notice that the Deep-V interior hull of the Zodiac (a brand name) is much heavier than the outer air sponsons that have huge buoyant force. The interior of a Zodiac therefore acts like the heavy flooded interior of a kayak or canoe equipped with sponsons.

The Zodiac is more stable with a heavy interior, rather than a light interior, just as a sponsoned canoe or kayak is more stable if it is heavier, flooded with water for example, rather than lighter. Pretty simple concept, but this is often lost on canoe and kayak instructors, who don't want canoe and kayak sponsons either. Fraudulent instruction that does not work could not be sold to the public if they could rescue themselves immediately with 5 second $25 CO2 sponsons.

You can see how easily a 10 foot recreational kayak (costing about $500 US with $25 CO2 sponsons built-in at the factory), is carried aboard the Zodiac. It is also obvious that it is very dangerous to take the Zodiac near rocks, endangering the entire crew, as well as being impossible to reach the dying victim(s) in the water. The 10 foot sponsoned kayak is easily paddled in among the rocks and breaking waves, to attach the victims and bring them to the mother craft. The sponsoned kayak remains very stable, flooded or not in rough seas, while bringing victims aboard rear or forward decks before paddling back to the Zodiac. By the way, the correct term for the Zodiac and the numerous other brands, is Rigid Inflatable Boat, RIB.

Old Town Recreational Kayak-Dirigo

This story is incredible in both the huge numbers of deaths, as well as the egregious negligence of very large and powerful government bureaucracies, that are supposed to protect the citizens from the nasty and deadly practices of others, who make a little money, or gain a little power from such practices. Police enforce most fraudulent activity that the government considers "criminal". However, police do not enforce many sections of the Criminal Code if there is not political pressure.

The U.S. is somewhat different than Canada; since no large human rights events have occurred in Canada. Canada is however racist toward their native peoples and many minorities.

Canoe and kayak instructors, and the canoe and kayak industry, tiny and insignificant economically, are very deadly killers, with the highest death rate in history per exposure hours.

N.B. There are decent Canoe and Kayak Instructors, who are able to step back and denounce their part in deadly canoe and kayak instruction, just as the experimental subjects in the famous Milgram experiments were often strongly disapproving of their own administration of very painful and potentially deadly electric shocks to the "victim".

(The distress of some experimental subjects was so great, upon learning that they could cruelly torture another innocent human being, that the experimental ethics committees at universities around the world no longer permit experiments similar to the famous Milgram psychology experiments.) However, there are individuals within canoe and kayak organizations who have no qualms whatsoever. They have full knowledge that they are potentially sending victims to their deaths, with no means of escape from the water, no matter how much practice, no matter how much instruction, no matter wearing a snugly fitting, properly adjusted PFD.

There are government officials (particularly in Transport Canada) who apparently also have no qualms about sending these victims to their deaths. In this context, society allows the killing of canoe and kayak victims, and even encourages the killing. The victims are blamed for their own deaths every time, despite the evidence that victims were denied any simple safety device to rescue them from the water. Sometimes the deaths are explained as a good thing; as "Darwins's Law" is only weeding out the unfit. You cannot find a story that is more sad than this one. Great numbers of preventable deaths, tremendous suffering, and many of these deaths are of young children, including Girl Guides and other schoolkids, dying agonizing deaths.

If you look at the public record, painful as it is, you will see that these dear little children are always, without exeption, being blamed at some level, even when they are described as just "unlucky".

Of course they were tricked by fundamentally unsafe canoes and kayaks that have no means to rescue anyone from the water. Over a century ago, when water transportation was much more common, canoes were sold with integral rescue sponsons. The sponsons of this book were only invented in 1987. (See references to earlier societal responses to canoe and kayak tragedies, later in this book.)  Today our culture is so sick that deadly canoe and kayak instruction, a "bait and switch" fraud scam, is allowed to be sold to Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, YMCA campers, and children in schools.

Some outdoor education specialist is always found to speciously agree that the deaths of the children were "tragic", but that the extremely risky use of canoes and kayaks is justified as a "character building" exercise.

The use of canoes and kayaks is just as valuable if they don't kill, as a character-building event. (If they have tiny, CO2 Gas Sponson containers, costing $25 each, concealed on each side in case of emergency. The canoe and kayak industry has been aware of this option for many years!)

Contrast this attitude with society's absolute intolerance for any vehicle defects causing death and injury. The Ford/Firestone scandal is just one example of this. Millions of dollars in damages in each case, versus a few hundred thousand dollars for each canoe or kayak death! But very few berieved families pursue wrongful death lawsuits for canoe and kayak deaths, unlike vehicular deaths. This is partly due to the perception that the victims "were asking for it" or "were to blame at some level". Nothing is more untrue. The victims were deliberately given the most dangerous watercraft possible, with no means to escape the deadly waters.

The US and Canadian Coast Guards made the Level Flotation Standard Law for all small boats in the 1970's. But canoes and kayaks were given "safety exemptions", or more correctly "murder licences". The first comment about the USCG Kayak/Canoe Sponson Study, at the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators' Boats and Associated Equipment Committee? (Check their website, click on this committee.)

"7. Review USCG study on supplemental flotation for non-powered craft... Snyder said none of these boats should sink. Boats under 20 feet with outboards must have level flotation why shouldn't paddlecraft?" Thank you Dick Snyder. A voice of commonsense America. There are many millions of others.

The Level Flotation Standard is pretty obvious. Otherwise victims cannot get out of the water and they die. Already 35% of the dead in canoes and kayaks are wearing PFDs. (2002, USCG BARD).

Some Good Stuff:

"I am Austin Davis. My life was saved by your floats. [See article in Sea kayaker Dec 97] There was no way in my situation that any other means of recovery would have saved me or allowed me to get home upright in my hypothermic condition. Your opinion about the rolls and paddle floats mirror my real life experience. Thanks for the gear that saved my life. I hope the article in sea kayaker helps your cause."

Austin was sailing a 26 foot sailboat that suddenly sank about ten miles off the coast of Texas. He was using a sea kayak with sponsons as a tender to his sailboat, deploying sponsons when he needed more stability to paddle supplies to the mothership.

Suddenly, after his sailboat sank, he was floating in heavy, breaking seas at night with only the kayak nearby. He was able to clip on and inflate the sponsons (that were secured to the cockpit) and fortunately he had tied a paddle to the kayak. So without a pump or sprayskirt (these items are nearly impossible to use in these conditions anyway), he was able to paddle the flooded kayak about ten miles in heavy seas to shore.

He bought his sponsons in 1994. Very few sponsons are sold every year. Only a few hundred pairs. One wonders how many other lives could have been saved if the public were not deliberately lied to.

Wayne Horodowich, apparently under pressure in 1994 from other instructors, reversed his very positive 1993 position on sponsons and condemned them as unworkable. I have all of the documentation. He had told me of pressure from other instructors, and general disapproval of sponsons while filming the "Performance Sea Kayaking Video", referred to in the ACA letter to the Attorney General of Florida. But I only found out who these people were, including the ACA, much later. This was after I had finally sent letters to all Attorneys General in all States in 2001.

New Lives Saved:

I receive annually dozens of remarkable commendations and references to lives saved. This one was published by Sea Kayaker Magazine. They would like to see canoes and kayaks become lifesaving vessels, not instruments for agonized and terrifying deaths. But the advertisers want  instruction money. One-time sales of canoes and kayaks are a relatively small source of revenue.

Of course canoe and kayak instruction could include not only fail-safe and fool-proof rescue safety, but all kinds of courses in campcraft, survival, nature studies, geology, astronomy, weather-reading, philosophy, etc., etc. There is no end to lucrative canoe and kayak instruction. People need not be tortured and murdered to make a buck!

Schoolchildren do not deserve this stupidity, nor this incompetence costing their lives.

Burkevale School, Penetanguishene, Ontario, (a diligent "Safety Conscious" school), last year sent my Kathleen to Camp Kitchekewana in May, 2005. Not a bad YMCA camp: But it had a "certain reputation" at my YMCA Camp Nagiwa 40 years earlier, to wit: produces no worthwhile paddlers. This rumour was confirmed 30 years later, by my friend Tim Dyer, that canoeing back then at Kitchekewana was mainly "paddling the docks", i.e. kneel at dock while paddling the strokes. (No wonder no-one ever saw them on any canoe trips for at least a dozen years!)

Parents were assured that all "certified safety" requirements were in effect, etc., for the school trip. Knowing what I know, the statistical likelihood of a "very serious incident" was high. Any capsize could result in fatal consequences in a few minutes, and scarring for life of the survivors. Like other school canoeing and kayaking tragedies: Lyme Bay, Temiskaming, Darlington School, Balsam Lake, Camp McDougall: 

My daughter admitted that the sternsperson in her canoe was a high school student returning to help out, who had no canoeing expertise whatsoever. Consequently the canoe followed a ragged course. And the availability of a powerboat, motor immediately responsive to an emergency was not clearly in evidence. Kathleen resented my safety questions, as is normal for the age group and consensual group process. But clearly there was no running powerboat capable of rescuing any number of students from the chilling waters. And they had no idea how fast this emergency can happen in these cold waters! Seconds! Nor had they any training. (Not that canoe instruction would help. Schoolchild Fraud Murderers sums that up.) Many schools make this sort of dangerous foray every Spring. It is only a matter of time. Statistically, this water tragedy, in exposure hours, is far greater than any other school fatality possibility.

From Sea Kayaker Magazine, December 2005, p.7 "More Lessons to Learn":

"After reading "Crossing the Line," an account of a capsize by one of a pair of paddlers (SK ,Oct. '05) I thought there were more lessons to be learned than those listed by author John Kraske. Kayakers should never go out just half-way equipped. The author's intention was just to stay in the lee, but when there are waves somewhere out there, there is always the risk that paddlers will go out to them for a nice kick of adrenaline or to test their skills.

Each boat should be fully equipped even if only a flat-water trip is planned. One ill-equipped boat or irresponsible behavior of just one member, as Kraske pointed out, can put the group at risk. If an inexperienced kayaker capsizes, he or she might need time to recover mentally and physically.

According to Kraske, his paddling partner, Chris, already started getting unfocused in the first dip in the cold water. Only after
failing several times to keep Chris upright, Kraske decided to connect the two boats to provide a stable platform. But even if he had had T-handles for the two-piece spare paddle, I believe it would have been quite difficult for him alone to keep the raft under control and to steer it into the lee of  the islands four miles across the channel.

In 2001 my wife and I were on a Swiss Lake on a November day (water temperature about 54 degrees F.) during a strong south wind paddling in a small wind-protected bay. We had been kayaking for less than a year. We were dressed in Lycra wet suits. I went out farther from shore until I was caught by the full storm. It was fun to play in the waves, but my paddling experience for such a situation was nil.

When I decided to paddle back into the bay, I capsized. I still don't know how I toppled. It was so fast that I had no chance to react. I effectively got back into the boat with the paddle float, but when I tried to take the paddle float off, I capsized again. This time I felt the cold, and with it came panic.

I waved to my wife for help. She had gone ashore and got back in her kayak and paddled out to help me. Even with her help, I was not able to get back into the boat. We were both worried that she would also capsize. After failing to get back into the boat, she tried to pull me and the boat toward the shore, but the waves pushed us further out of the lee. For a moment, I considered abandoning the boat and swimming to shore, but all that I'd read recommended staying with the boat.

I had a set of inflatable sponsons aboard. I had considered them complicated and time-consuming, but I installed them. Although my fingers were very numb in the cold, I managed it somehow. With my last bit of energy, I got back into the boat and started to paddle with my wife against the wind and back into the bay.

The paddle float helped me get back aboard, but when I removed it, I lost the extra stability I needed to have after I'd been in the cold water. Judging by my experience and that of Kraske and his partner, a rescue technique should do more than get the capsized kayaker back into the boat. It should also stabilize the casualty while keeping the others mobile enough to get everyone back to shore."

Fridl Schlaepfer, Hoelstein, Switzerland

Note: $25 CO2 Sponsons are not "complicated" or "time-consuming". They require no training or experience at all. Just pull a cord, like inflatable PFDs or life rafts, to get out of deadly waters immediately. The families of 1,500 recently dead North Americans, and 120 victims about to be tortured to death in 2006, want this simple, built-in, fail-safe and fool-proof rescue safety.

Some Bad Stuff:

OPP Schlorff is a long-standing member of the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) and Transport Canada's CMAC. He helps them ensure the most deaths possible from canoes and kayaks. Perhaps the motive is to simply ensure budget funds, that have been severely cut during the Chretien years. Schlorff also has links to U.S. members of the head office: National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), including their favoured member, the American Canoe Association; so torture and murder of both American and Canadian children can be perpetuated. See the documentation through the book. I have thousands of pages more. These organizations also exist as "social gatherings" to perform the function of ego-stroking, award-giving and congratulations for saving lives; when in fact the documentation shows maximum numbers of painful deaths are extracted from canoes, kayaks, and PFD trickery: Transport Canada teaches putting PFDs on in the water, suggesting that this is a reliable safety practice in emergencies; while at the same time advising the public to always wear one. (The PFD is taught to be put on in the water, by almost all Canadian school boards, accounting perhaps for the much higher Canadian rate of death.)

An RCMP officer was killed June 3, 2005 when he sank immediately on patrol of Lake Okanagan wearing heavy boots and
other equipment, sufficient to sink anyone immediately, and preventing anyone from putting a PFD on in the water (as
recommended by Transport Canada's "Safe Boats" (safe-boats.pdf): "Children should be encouraged to wear their lifejacket or PFD at all times. They should learn how to put them on in the water." p.47. This contradictory and deadly misinformation is
repeated in the Transport Canada MTAC Safe Boating Study Guide:  "To put on a PFD in the water, follow these procedures:

   · Spread the device open with the inside facing up out of the water
   · Rotate the PFD so you are looking at the neck opening
   · Put both arms through the arm holes
   · Lift arms over the head
   · Position the device around your upper body
   · Fasten the device to fit snugly"  (

Virgil Chambers is the head of the NSBC and he has telephoned me here at home. Virgil admits that the American Canoe Association has no rescue safety: no means to escape the deadly waters. But he told me that it was up to the USCG to enforce safety. They just go along. Virgil seemed like a "nice enough guy"; but obviously not intelligent enough to realize that the ACA, having no rescue safety, means many innocent people die. About 90 adults and children in the U. S. and about 25 adults and children in Canada.

So Here is some Child-Murdering Bad Stuff via OPP Schlorff, CSBC, and NSBC member Pamela Dillon, of the American Canoe Association. Dillon has facilitated the murder more people than any other woman in the history of the United States:

If this is a threat from OPP Det. Constable Falls, I would ask you: "What do you mean!"

The false arrest and malicious prosecution by yourself last Spring, against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a charge that did not stand up in court, (unconstitutional); facilitated the torture and murder of about 25 Canadians in canoes and kayaks in 2005, (about 12 in Ontario). You are perhaps attempting to facilitate the further murder and torture of another 25 Canadians, including children, in 2006.

If this is true, you apparently use Degrading Propaganda to blame the victims (described in the links below) to continue to OK this torture of children. This is a Crime against Humanity. You apparently wish to facilitate the torture of American children to death, as described below, too. Police officers should know about the famous Milgram experiments regarding obedience to torture of innocent persons, even to death (See Chapter 7 book link below.)

The criminal fraud is obvious. The wilful and reckless disregard for human life on your part is obvious. And the desire to continue the murder and torture of Canadians and their children is obvious, since you refer to NO Attempt to Stop It.

Who is ordering you to continue the torture to death of innocent Canadians and children in 2006?

If you are not threatening me. Or if you are not threatening to ensure the continuing torture to death of American and Canadian children, what are you doing to "serve and protect" the children, and the innocent dead adults in both countries?

I want to know. The world wants to know. The grieving families of the dead want to know. What is the OPP doing? This is far larger than the Ipperwash scandal. You appear to be acting in a manner to threaten me Not to alert authorities in both countries regarding these cruel and torturing deaths.

This is the 3rd day after the 61st anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, where 4,000 French children were rounded up by French police (not Gestapo) and sent with their little bundles of food, to be gassed at Auschwitz upon arrival. This is a matter of historical record.

Your email to me today is also a matter of historical record. What are you going to do? Ensure that more Canadian children die agonizing deaths, like the 3 young boys north of Winnipeg, May 20th, 2003, only 3 days after you complained about my last email, May 17, 2005? That email warned of imminent deaths, acknowledged by MPPs Garfield Dunlop and Joe Tascona, both from Simcoe County. It warned about deaths occurring on the long weekend, and led to my false arrest and malicious prosecution a few days later, by you and the OPP. This is a matter of historical record: about 25 Canadian adults and children were tortured to death by you and the OPP. Eventually everyone in the world will know about this! You and the OPP displayed egregiously wilful and reckless disregard for human life!

It appears that you think that these children deserve to die in cool waters, in pain and terror, thinking of families who they will never see again. Read the Milgram experiments. Read the email below. Read the links! You may perhaps be a policeman who is very willing to carry out any orders, like the defenders at the Nuremberg Trials.

You and your superiors need to explain at once exactly what you think you are doing. It is certainly not to serve and protect.

Your email appears to be a threat by the OPP to allow more torture of more children, to death in canoes and kayaks.

Please set up a meeting immediately with your superiors and whomever is filling Superintendent K.C. Smith's position at Orillia headquarters, where I have visited to disclose information over the years. It is not OK for the OPP to endorse more torture to death of Canadian children and adults. My documentation shows that OPP Sergeant Bradley Schlorff has been facilitating this at Transport Canada for 5 years, together with RCMP officer Guy Lecuyer. (That accounts for about 160 deaths, including  dozens of children.)

There are many OPP officers who are disgusted by your failure to stop these torture-to-death, crimes against humanity. Drowning has been used as a torture for thousands of years. Apparently you think this is OK.

Please set up the meeting immediately. This is your duty to the OPP Superintendents, The OPP Commissioner, and decent OPP officers.  You know your duty to innocent citizens.

Tim Ingram
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From: Falls, Dave (JUS)
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 7:55 AM
Subject: FW: USCG DEAD

Mr. Ingram, I certainly hope we are not going to have another year like we did last year, Dave Falls
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From: Pam Dillon []
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 5:13 PM
To: Falls, Dave (JUS)
Cc: Paul Sanford
Subject: FW: USCG DEAD

Det. Constable Falls:

I received this one today, Wednesday, January 25, 2006.

Thanks again for any assistance you can provide.

Pam Dillon

Pamela Dillon, Executive Director
American Canoe Association
7432 Alban Station Blvd   Suite B-232
Springfield, VA 22150-2311
Phone: 703.451.0141 ext. 11
Fax: 703.451.2245

Dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors using kayaks, canoes and rafts since 1880.


From: timingram []
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 8:03 AM
Subject: USCG DEAD

Re: Cruel Torture and Murder by The USCG's National Boating Safety Advisory Council

Only 2006 years ago a famous person under torture stated: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!" But NBSAC knows they are permitting ACA Dillon and the American Canoe Association to torture to death American Children and Adults, by putting their heads in cool waters.

Chairman Muldoon threatened the American Canoe Association with "removal of safety exemptions", (NBSAC Minutes, October 2002), that permit canoes and kayaks to kill US citizens, by not having The Level Flotation Standard for small boats, about 300 dead, tortured American Children and Adults ago:

The Level Flotation Standard for small boats is nearly 3 decades old, to provide a rescue platform so people don't die in the water: US Coast Guard Boating Safety Circular 73* "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue. 33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978."

The first comment about the USCG Kayak/Canoe Sponson Study, at the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators' Boats and Associated Equipment Committee, is a control:

"7. Review USCG study on supplemental flotation for non-powered craft... Snyder said none of these boats should sink. Boats under 20 feet with outboards must have level flotation why shouldn't paddlecraft?" Thank you Dick Snyder. A voice of commonsense America. One of many.

Here is some Degrading Propaganda (Osama bin Laden would be happy with this infidel's stupidity), from the USCG:

Dear Richard:

You are now off the list.

The question is: Why do you endorse putting the Heads of American Children in cool waters, as I have written below, to die? Whereas any 10 year old girls can easily rescue themselves and others in seconds, without instruction or experience... This has been well-known for many years.

Who is "reckless if not evil"? Denying these children (and innocent adults) a means to save their lives, dying in pain and terror, to make money for the American Canoe Association. See the pictures of the schoolboys in Florida. Who is evil, killing Americans and their children for profit?

You were never in charge of this murder racket so please just become a decent citizen, and please be aware of the power of your Degrading Propaganda below: "hurting the work, image and progress that real safety advocates are trying to promote."

Your words degrade the grieving families of the boys, as well as new US victims about to die this week and the next. Degrading Propaganda is necessary to perpetuate this evil, that has been continuing for years. This is the largest murder/torture scam in the history of the United States.

Remove Degrading Propaganda and this scam cannot continue; since law enforcement officials will quickly see numerous criminal charges, from criminal fraud to murder in the second degree, due to "wilful and reckless disregard for the value of human life".

Tim Ingram

 ----- Original Message -----

From: Kanehl, Richard

To: ''

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 10:00 AM

Subject: off your email list

Per the latest Office of Boating Safety org chart @ , I am no longer in that office. Nor do I have any boating safety responsibilities.  Please take me off your email distribution list.

Also, I vehemently disapprove of your suggestions to put anyone's head in a toilet.  Instead of being a advocate of water safety, your language and calls-to-action are reckless if not evil.  Please stop hurting the work, image and progress that real safety advocates are trying to promote.

Again, take me off your email list.  I can not help your cause and will consider any further correspondence to be harassment which I shall forward to Coast Guard Investigative Services (police).

Richard Kanehl


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 8:53 AM
To: Kanehl, Richard

American Canoe Association Wins Osama bin Laden Award for Torturing American Children to Death!

The ACA tortured Clay McKemie and Sean Wilkinson, both 14 years of age from Darlington School, Rome, Georgia, to death near Suwannee, Florida. Both boys were wearing PFDs according to the ACA Murder Scam Program. But of course they were prevented from getting out of the water with $25 CO2 sponsons; despite the fact that any 10 year old girls in the world can rescue themselves and others without previous experience or instruction. (See pictures of the girls on links below.) These boys died agonizing deaths, in great pain and terror, knowing they would never see their families again. Their cruel torture to death by the American Canoe Association has won The Osama bin Laden Award for the ACA.

American Specialty Insurance Wins the Osama Toilets Award for Conspicuously insuring the ACA's Torturing to Death of American Children!

You will notice    Copy and Paste if this link is not live.

Free online 300 page book:

Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 Canadian and American Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993

You will notice that I have been very fair in the book to Chairman Muldoon (canoe and kayak safety exemptions), Jo Moon, Phil Cappel and the rest. After New Orleans no-one expects much from Homeland Security or the US Coast Guard, torturing American children to death in canoes and kayaks, to make the American Canoe Association happy.

See Milgram's explanation for this desire to please, in the book ( Copy and Paste if this link is not live.

Eventually Google will have this book at the top of numerous lists including "USCG safety", "canoe safety" etc. And anyone reading this book will see that the USCG might as well be led by the Arabian Horse Breeder, chosen by the White House to head up the protection of New Orleans.

American citizens will tolerate much. But they will not tolerate the water torture of their children in canoes and kayaks. Not even 2 children, let alone a dozen. The American people are not stupid, unlike NBSAC.

This email is sent to you regarding the details of the drowning tortures, inflicted on about 90 citizens in canoes and kayaks annually, in the United States alone. This email will eventually be sent to a new chapter in the book: The Osama bin Laden Awards to Americans who Torture American Children to Death. The ACA insurance company is now in the running.

But in the running now for top prize is Pamela Dillon of the American Canoe Association. You can observe what NBSAC does to American children by grabbing Dillon at the next NBSAC meeting and dragging her to the nearest toilet. Hold her head underwater for 60 seconds. Time this immersion carefully. You could cause serious brain damage for a longer duration, since oxygen to the brain is impaired by this experiment. (This is what happened to the 11 year old Girl Guides, picked up by the USCG helicopter too late. Hypothermia impaired heartbeat and blood flow to the brain.) Those kids did not drown, unlike the schoolboys in Florida, wearing PFDs on a school trip February 2005; whose heads eventually could not be held up out of the water, due to hypothermia effects on the neck muscles, brain functions, etc., as they died in terror thinking of their families they would never see again. How about the other kids from the Darlington school who witnessed this torture of classmates, with the full approval of the US Coast Guard and NBSAC?

Make certain that ACA Pamela Dillon does not get too much chance to draw a good breath of air, and then plunge her head into the toilet again. The American Canoe Association has done this recently to over 1000 American citizens who suffered agonizing deaths, in terror of never seeing loved ones again. NBSAC and Homeland Security endorses this torture of American citizens. See the pictures.

ACA Dillon may suffer a little brain damage from this experiment, (since her heart may pump a little less blood to her brain under this stress.) But this brain damage will not be noticed at the American Canoe Association since she will still be able to walk and talk; unlike the victims, EVEN AMERICAN CHILDREN, victims of the American Canoe Association and NBSAC.

Dillon is a member of NBSAC, despite her record. NBSAC and the US Coast Guard will benefit from witnessing Dillon's torture in a toilet of the Marriott Hotel, at the next NBSAC meeting. This "brings it all home" to the stupid people at NBSAC, regarding what they actually do to US citizens and their loved ones. Like the famous Milgram psychology experiments at Yale.

NBSAC is torturing some beloved American citizen to death this week. Unlike Dillon, who gets to walk. (Calculate this: about 90 canoe and kayak deaths in BARD annually, divided by the number of weeks in a year, 52.) If you can't do this, ask one of the USCG Admirals who went to college. It is pretty simple.

Maybe some decent State Attorney's office will investigate this egregious murder and torture of Americans and their kids. GOD knows that I have warned you often enough for many years.

Apart from the sheer cruelty and deliberation of these murders, this is the largest murder scandal in the history of the United States. This is history, as any US judge is well aware. History cannot be changed. Re-written, but not changed. I wonder if the journalists at the Washington Post know this. Or are they chasing another story without real world consequences, that everyone forgets in a day.

If you phone me to ask for my help, I shall give it freely: Allow Americans to escape the water without previous experience or instruction, like the 10 year old girls in the pictures of the book. It is pretty simple! Don't torture them for profit with expensive American Canoe Association Murder Instruction. (No judge or jury in America can save themselves with that either!)

I would be pleased to meet you in any court. Most Americans are not as stupid as NBSAC, nor as sadistic as the American Canoe Association.

Tim Ingram, phone me at 705-549-3722

P.S. This is going on the internet to be read by millions. And someday this week you will be torturing some American just like ACA Dillon, although innocent and decent instead; perhaps an American child, choking in pain and terror, through your efforts. You are continuing to make history.

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